I Have A New Makeup Nook!

I’m so glad I finally found a pocket of time to organise my makeup nook on my dresser. If you notice the Before picture, you will see that it is anything BUT a makeup area.

Shame on me, really.

It had become a convenient place to stash anything that had no place to be and there were also plenty of unused items.

First rule of organizing an area is to start with a clean slate. I removed every item in that area and tossed out whatever I didn’t need or had not used for goodness-knows-how-long.  These included electric toothbrushes, product samples, expired skincare products and old makeup.

Since I switched to toxin-free alternatives for my skincare products and makeup, I find that I don’t need that many items in my daily skincare routine, and this fact helped me throw a lot of stuff away.

After cleaning out the area and wiping it dry, I arranged the stuff I needed back neatly. In the After photo, you will notice an acrylic makeup organiser right in front. THIS – I absolutely LOVE.

Finally – a proper home for all my Savvy Minerals makeup, making it easily accessible and stored neatly too!

So…. do you think I did a good job?

Next on the list: tackling the storage space in my dresser cupboards!

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