A New Beginning

A new year calls for new goals, fresh perspectives, revisiting old habits and improving or changing them for the better.  Hence I have decided to reignite my passion for blogging.

I will attempt to … and hopefully will find the time to write more often than before.

My blog has been dormant for the longest time, mostly because I relied on micro-blogging platforms and social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the like.  I don’t suppose there are many people reading blogs anyway nowadays.

However, I do love the fact that my jottings from years ago about my experiences as a new parent, a breastfeeding mom and personal opinions have served some readers well.

So I logged into my WordPress account last week and discovered that something was amiss.  I could not create any new posts nor edit the existing ones.

Thankfully, after some back and forth discussions and troubleshooting with my host provider, my blog is not working as it should!  I had to revert to the Classic WordPress editor because it felt more familiar to me.

Long story short, I am now good to go!  If you are one of my loyal readers who are still reading my posts, thank you so much and please do leave me a note to say hi!

Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead and sending you positive vibes of love and positivity!

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