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Spreading the Linky Love Bug

Pregnancy and other stuff

Credits Elegant word art (pregnant hot) from Bethany Tout le monde dit I love you papers & elements from Le Journal du Scrap Haha…blame it on my pregnancy hormones acting up.  In any case, doing tags like these in my 38th week … Continue reading

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An award with 10 things!

  Credits Elegant word art (tag) from Bethany Flutter Friday Freebie Paper 1 from Karen Lewis Designs of Digital Freebies I received Cute’s Blogger Award from Wen recently, and well, it didn’t exactly require me to dress up to the nines and … Continue reading

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Sixth one..or so you think!

It has been awhile since I had been tagged, or so it seems…I can’t even remember the last tag or meme I did.  Anyway, this is an easy-peasy one, and comes courtesy of Angeline, so I’m just gonna do it … Continue reading

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Worming through books!!

  I personally do not think of myself as a bookworm. For one, I have a bookworm tagged to an image of someone with thick horn-rimmed glasses buried behind a stack of thick books, slouched behind an even thicker one … Continue reading

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Behind the “Je m’appelle”

When I saw an incoming link from Angeleyes last night, I clicked on it almost immediately…more so out of curiosity, really. Lo and behold she had bestowed upon me a meme which required me to display the meaning of my … Continue reading

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