Fresh-made Pesto from Scratch!


Yes, it definitely tastes better than it looks!

I’ve always wanted to make my own pesto… even more so when my homegrown Genovese basil started sprouting and blossoming.  The biggest plant I had, which used to have the freshest looking leaves, starting becoming yellow and I was disappointed for a few weeks, but then 2 other plants started to grow (from flyaway basil seeds, no doubt!), and so I was able to harvest a whole basket full of fresh fragrant basil.

I had a very willing assistant and sous chef, of course…


This was our very favorable yield for the day:


We then plucked the basil leaves out from the stems and washed them clean.  Toasted some pine nuts and several cloves of garlic.


Pulsed the basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts and some olive oil in the blender till more or less smooth, and then added some parmesan cheese and salt to taste.


In less than half an hour, I had made my virgin batch of pesto, and it sure smelled heavenly!


Lunch  was a simple pesto pasta for the kids, and I have half a jar of pesto left, hopefully enough to make us some chicken pesto dish thingy next week.



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Breakfast Omelette Cups: Easy, Breezy, Yummy!


I made these breakfast omelette cups last week for my son to bring along for breakfast at his day camp in church.  It was something easy and nutritious for the kids, and I knew I could whip up like 20-30 cups within the hour.  This is important because I wanted something that could be served warm, yet had to be fast and easy to make.  Oh yeah, and I also don’t like oily and fried stuff, so these breakfast cups fit the bill!

I had them baked and ready in about 20 minutes and they could be served with tomato ketchup or mayo, or whatever suits your fancy.

Also, the ingredients I used can be modified in any way you wish…basically your favorite ingredients for a yummy omelette.  I would try with chopped mushrooms, scallions or (yums) bacon too!

Try these and let me know if your family likes it as much as mine does!

Breakfast Omelette Cups


  • Eggs (1 egg to 2 medium-sized cupcake cups)
  • Milk (about 3 tbsp to 1 egg)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Baking powder (about 1/2 tsp to 1 egg)
  • Cheddar cheese, shredded
  • Chopped bell pepper
  • Chopped chicken ham


  1. Place chopped bell pepper and chicken ham into each cupcake cup.
  2. Sprinkle cheddar cheese on top
  3. Whip eggs, milk, salt, pepper and baking powder together.
  4. Pour egg mixture into cups up to about 2/3 full.
  5. Bake in preheated oven 170°C for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Serve warm.
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A Relaxing Laid Back Day – The Giddy Tigress Way

On public holidays, we try to steer clear of crowded places like the malls, cinemas, tourist attractions and the like.  However, we love to spend time together as a family but at the same time we need to find ways to incorporate some personal pampering on our own too.  How do you make your kids part of your “me-time”?

Last Monday was such a day, so let me tell you how we did it…

In the morning, the kids had their swimming coaching session at the pool, so we took the opportunity to play around the slides in the pool area too, after the coaching session.  It was some good exercise and fun, because Daddy got to take the littlest one up and down the slides while Mommy enjoyed the “baking in the sun”….. NOT.  It was definitely scorching hot by noon, so we packed up and left by then.  Thank goodness we remembered to stay cool and hydrated with Izumio hydrogen water… felt so much better after downing a pack or two.


After a quick shower for all of us at home, we drove out for a quick and easy lunch at a nearby coffee shop.  Then Daddy took care of all the kids while I left for a 1-hour massage session.


This has been our arrangement every 3-4 months on the average.  Since we do not have extra help with the kids, we take turns going for our massages.  Would be awesome to get a massage together with your spouse (like a couples massage, y’know..) but since we cannot afford to do that yet…this will have to do.  The masseuse commented that my shoulder muscles felt very tense and knotted, so she concentrated on that part.  Getting a massage now and then really helps relieve the stress and everyone could certainly do with one every now and then.  Good stuff (except I am rather ticklish…but that’s my own problem…haha).

After my massage I drove back and then it was hubby’s turn for his massage.

That day, I decided to book a pedicure with a home manicurist/pedicurist.  It was a first time for me, and since my daughter had been asking for a session for a few weeks now, I decided to give it a go.  After all, I could still have all my kids with me at home whilst I had the pedicure!  Sure beats doing it in a mall with me having to worry about kids running around everywhere!


The session was very thorough, and both Mommy and daughter are very happy with the pedicure.  We will definitely book her again in future.

How did you spend your recent holidays?

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Diary of a Meal-Planner-Wannabe (Weeks of Jan 11 – 15 & Jan 18 – 22)

I’m doing a two-in-one post for the meal-planning post this week.  I realize I have been lagging again, so please forgive me… Well, things on the homefront seem all right.  It looks like I have the laundry under control now too, but I still need to find more time to do more spring cleaning and decluttering.  Ooooh…and curtains need to be laundered before the Chinese New Year too!

Anyway, here’s what we did, meal-wise for the past 2 weeks.  How is it going on your end?

Jan 11-15


Lunch: Peanut soup with pork ribs served with steamed rice.

Dinner: Peanut soup with pork ribs (from lunch) and rice; yellow curry chicken (non-spicy version so the kids can enjoy it too).


Breakfast: Ran out of easy breakfast options like bread, so I woke up 30 mins earlier to make tuna burritos.

Lunch: Leftovers from dinner the night before.

Dinner: Soy sauce pork belly (Tau ewe bak), Carrot radish stir fry with cuttlefish (Jiu hoo char – a firm CNY favorite) served with fresh lettuce and steamed rice.  I froze half of the jiu hoo char I made so I can serve it next week too!  Yes, we can freeze jiu hoo char for up to 2-3 weeks I think.


Lunch: Had burritos again: tuna burritos and jiu hoo char burritos.  Surprisingly good!

Dinner: Leftover soy sauce pork belly from last night.  I was looking for a simple recipe to cook with potato leaves and Google led me to my very own Masak Titek post!  So I decided to make a reinvented version of Masak Titek with potato leaves, milk (instead of coconut milk) and carrot chunks (instead of sweet potato).  Left out the shrimp because I did not have any available.


Lunch: Lotus root soup with steamed rice.

Dinner: Lotus root soup from lunch, ginger sauce chicken with mushrooms, baby bok choy stir fried with oyster mushrooms, steamed rice.


Lunch: Pumpkin rice with leftover lotus root soup and ginger sauce chicken.

Dinner: Out


Jan 18-22 (foresee an inactive cooking week ahead because we didn’t go to the market)


Cheat day – bought wan ton mee for lunch and ate out for dinner.


Lunch: Homemade mushroom soup, egg and pumpkin fried rice.

Dinner: Mushroom soup from lunch, ginger sauce chicken, leftover jiu hoo char from last week (remember I froze it then?)


Lunch: Ginger chicken with rice

Dinner: Ordered pizza


Lunch: Simple pasta salad, leftover pizza from last night.

Dinner: Steamed white snapper. dragon beard stir fried with fish cake, steamed rice, leftover pizza for kids (2 slices).


Lunch: Bought barbecued pork rice

Dinner: Out




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Decluttering Project: Kids’ Craft Table

I have several “dumping grounds” in my home where I am ashamed to say that I conveniently dump things and make it messy.  Then I forget that I dumped the stuff there and the mess just keeps growing.  Hence I’m making myself tackle these “dumping grounds” as often as I can…hopefully one location per week…declutter and get it organised.

It would be easier if everything can be tossed out but it’s harder than it looks.  Definitely.

Anyway, I decluttered the kids’ craft table last week.  Yes, my kids have a craft table.  How lucky huh…

This is actually a repurposed baby crib.  We bought this crib when we were expecting our first child about 10 years ago, but when we came back from the States with baby no.3, we shipped the crib we bought from US, and so this first crib was not being used.  Hubby (ever the “throwing away” type) suggested we throw the crib away, but I saw this excellent idea on the net where the crib was repurposed into a craft table and decided to give it a go.  That was about a year ago, and the craft table has been well used by the kids.

Look at how messy it is…


I started by taking every single thing off the table.  Important key to start decluttering: Always start on a clean slate.

I then wiped down the whole table and started to sort and corral everything into groups.  Groups of brushes and painting equipment, groups of markers, highlighters, colored pens, tubes of watercolor, poster colors, papers, crayons etc.

I also made use of these fabulous containers purchased recently from Ikea.  Very helpful and neat too!


The entire project was finished in about half an hour, right before the baby woke up.  And I even had time for a quick shower!

Loving these Ikea containers that store almost anything!  If you have kids in your home, get some of these, seriously!  They come with lids and are super useful!


We use them for crayons, color pencils, paints, and I have a couple on my dresser for makeup stuff like lipsticks, blushers and so on too!  More on that later…

But anyhoo…here’s what the craft table looks like now.. I’m loving how neat it is, and how inviting it is for the kids to get imaginative!  I’m thinking of adding a whiteboard somewhere too…. 🙂


And of course, here is the before and after of this decluttering project:


Now, what shall I declutter next….???

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