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The Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake – For Chocoholics and Everyone Else!

My kids are diehard fans of chocolate.  You can give them chocolate on its own, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate milk….if there’s chocolate rice and chocolate fruits, I bet they would eat those in a heartbeat too! Hence it … Continue reading

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My First Visit to Boston, MA

Our initial plan to take a drive to Boston last Saturday took a backseat due to the snow, so we went to Boston the following day instead.  It’s about a 45-minute ride from where we were staying and it was … Continue reading

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My First Attempt at Novelty Cupcakes

I’ve been wanting to make some novelty cupcakes for a long time now, and when my nephew’s full moon celebration came along, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. (Oh, did I forget to announce that I just turned “Aunt” … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Banana Cupcakes I Made

If there are any two food items that go together so well like an old married couple, it would have to be chocolate AND banana.  Incidentally, most kids I know name these two items as tops on their favorites list. … Continue reading

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My Red Velvet Cupcakes: I thought they were going to be a failure but…

…look how lovely they turned out! I am pleased as punch! And to add the icing to the cake (literally), both my kids gave their thumbs up 🙂 I decided to make some red velvet cupcakes today for the first … Continue reading

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