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My Humble Black Friday Haul

Is Black Friday a reason/excuse to go all-out shopping?  Most people do, anyway, but I’m trying to resist it the best I can and only get items which are really, really deal-worthy and that we really, really need.  With hubby … Continue reading

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Christmas Makeup Wishlist

It’s almost Christmas, no?  Heh. Well, in any case, I have always wanted to do this wishlist, but keep procrastinating year in and year out.  I find that it allows me to lust and to wish…what if???  So, if you’d … Continue reading

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Time to Get Some Questions Answered

When I started telling everyone about my third pregnancy, responses ranged from excitement to nonchalance (perhaps shock?), and I did get many questions about it.  Here are a select few which may help to shed some light, in case you … Continue reading

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Ipoh for the Weekend

We made a trip to Ipoh last weekend, because it had been a long while since the kids had visited their grandparents, and coincidentally my parents were in Penang a few days before, so I figured it would be a … Continue reading

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The Problem With Winning Something Is…

…when you cannot decide what to get! Well, it’s not that I won something *something*.  It’s because I won a cash voucher to get a DRESS from DoubleWoot! So help me out here, my dear readers….I have RM30 to blow … Continue reading

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