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The Day I Burned 600+ Calories

A friend of mine invited me to one of the gyms here in Penang as her guest today.  The main intention was to check out (or in my personal case, reconnect with) one of my loves of all times, Body … Continue reading

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What Have I Been Up To Lately?

Last night, while I was busy tinkering on my laptop, my most avid blog reader (who does not comment, ironically) asked why I had no blog updates.  Told him I had a blog drain and I did not know what … Continue reading

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Right Now, I Am…

…still thinking about the Chicken Perfection Pizza from Domino’s we had for dinner.  It was a takeout night tonight because the *chef* had to rest her hands due to eczema.  The pizza was a special one made from chicken breast, … Continue reading

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What do you do if you are caught in your birthday suit, while having lunch in a restaurant? …Why, I’d smile of course…!

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Seven Things You Might Want to Know About Me…Or Not

Well, it’s a Friday, and I’m in a sharing mood today.  So since you read my blog and my writings, I thought it a good time to share several random things you might want to know about me.  Not that … Continue reading

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