New toy?

For many moons, Pete and I have procrastinated about getting that digital video camcorder to record (mainly) Ethan‘s progress, antics and development. Lately however, we are thinking of getting a cellphone (for moi) which incorporates a videocam, a camera and also serves the purpose as a phone. Psst…the camera portion is to enable me to *freely* capture shots at my will for blogging. Hehehe….. I guess Pete got tired of me bugging him to download the photos we take with our trusted camera.

Being a Nokia person myself, we’re actually contemplating getting a Nokia N73. The ad for this phone promotes it as a cool gadget for bloggers! Need I say more? So what do you think? Should we geddit?

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2 Responses to New toy?

  1. michelle says:

    Cool phone but I am still waiting for iPhone. 😛

    The Giddy Tiger says: When iPhone is available, will you get one for me? Pretty please??!

  2. It looks pretty, but I don’t have a clue. Let me know what you get. I hope to get a new mobile in the next couple of years.

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