Five Wishes

I got tagged by Miche after leaving my mark on her blog.  I have to list down 5 wishes I make for my kid this year.

My prayers for Ethan Boy:

  • That he will learn to sleep through the night soon.  Okay, I give chance… if he can sleep from midnight to 7:30a.m. straight, I’ll be satisfied.
  • That he will stop biting everything in sight.  Ethan shows affection by biting us, on the arm, on the shoulder, on our legs.  What can I say, … love bites…and hurts.
  • That he will learn the art of speech very well.  He can now say “baby”, “mommy” and “daddy” but sometimes he says “mima” and “dida” instead.  Go figure.
  • That when he is weaned from my breast, he will be able to do so seamlessly, with no “emotional torture” on both his part and my part.
  • That the day that Pete and Ethan gets to go to the padang to kick a football around will come soon 🙂
  • …. can I have one more please?  …. that he will learn good dental hygiene soon!  He is now *very* wary when we show him his toothbrush.  Sometimes he will keep his mouth shut when we try to brush his teeth.

There, done!  I’m not tagging anyone for this one, cos most of the mommies out there have been tagged. 

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4 Responses to Five Wishes

  1. nyonyapenang says:

    mummy’s wishlist is always long.
    u have a nice day. 🙂

    The Giddy Tiger says: Thanks for stopping by. The LONGER the better, yeah? 😉

  2. miche says:

    most of us have more than only 5 wishes. 😀

    the mima n dida is so cute…”terbalik”

    The Giddy Tiger says: Yeah, but donnowhy he only says those 2 words terbalik.

  3. Nice wishes. And you leave yourself open to do this again as these wished come true.

    Biting. Both my kids did that. You know how it stopped? I bit my kids back. Not hard or cruel. Just enough to show that it is not fun to be bit. They put two and two together and they stopped biting.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Hmmm… when I bite him, it doesn’t hurt…maybe that’s why he thought it doesn’t hurt too?

  4. Oh yeah. That could be true. He’ just playing like mummy! 🙂

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