Income Tax e-Filing: Attempt #1

Last weekend I decided to try out the e-filing business for filing my income tax returns.  Hey, beats going to the Inland Revenue office, queueing up and wasting time, no?

I logged in to the IRB e-filing site, keyed in my PIN and IC No. and hit Enter.  Guess what?  I got a message telling me my identification number is incorrect.  Huh?  I double-checked and double-typed, still same error.  Then I found out that the IRB server had some problems (crashed?) the day earlier and so maybe they had some intermittent problems with the system.  So I decided to wait a few days.

Today, I tried going into the site again, but couldn’t even get the page to load up.  Hmmm…..I’ll get there yet.  And when I do and successfully submit my tax returns online, I’ll do a step-by-step thingy here.

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