Newbie to PPP

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to explore money-making on the internet with PayPerPost (or fondly referred to by bloggers as PPP).  Since I know my blog is not matured enough yet (an approved blog needs to be at least 90 days old), I decided to click on the Get Paid to Review My Post link on a blog to write a review instead of writing a paid post.

When I clicked on the Get Paid to Review My Post link on any blog that has it, it will bring me to a PPP registration page, where I need to register as a PPP member.  An opportunity will then be created for me to review the blog where I clicked the link from.  Unfortunately I could not take this opportunity yet (there was no button/link available) because I had no approved blogs.  So I registered my blog and waited for the approval.

Unfortunately, today I received an email telling me that my blog had not met the 90-day old requirement and hence, PPP has rejected my blog (for now).  I’ll have to wait till it achieves the grand old age of 90 days before I can resubmit my blog for approval.

However, since I am already a PPP member, I am also now known as an affiliate member of PPP.  This means that I can place the Get Paid to Review My Post link on my blog (as you can see).  Visitors to my blog can simply click on the link and register themselves as a PPP member and review my blog.  Make sure your blog is at least 90 days old though.  And what do you get to write about my blog?  USD7.50, no questions asked.  All you need to do is write a post in your blog about my blog, submit the link to PPP and you get paid.  Good reviews or bad reviews, USD7.50 also.  And in return for receiving compliments and/or brickbats from my blog reviewers, I will also get USD7.50.  Good deal, yeah?

I’m just hoping that WHEN my blog gets approved, I still qualify to write a review about another blog…

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  1. Wow! How do they do it? Make money with this. Very curious. *ponders*

    The Giddy Tiger says: You can *ponder* while reviewing my blog 😉 … and earn moolah doing so!

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