Income Tax e-Filing: Attempt #2

The saga continues…

Since my ID no was not recognized by the e-filing system last weekend, I asked my SIL to try on her PC to see if it worked.  She got the same error.  So I had no choice but to ask her to ask her friend to go to the IRB office to get me a new PIN (SIL’s friend goes there almost every day since she’s in the tax line).

Today I got a call from my SIL saying that I don’t exist.  Huh?  What?!!!  Apparently, the e-filing department in the IRB headquarters in KL keyed in my income tax file number and IC number and got a message saying that I don’t exist in the system.  So…..what does that mean?  I’m not a human being?  Aiyo..what utter nonsense!  Funny thing is the IRB sent me my BE form despite my “non-existence”.  So the option to NOT file my tax returns is not a good one either.  Shucks.

Subsequently SIL’s friend went to the non-e-filing department in IRB and found that I in fact DO exist (i.e. my records show up when they key it in their non-e-filing system).  This means she’d be able to get a new PIN for me on Monday then.  We shall see if THAT works.  The e-filing system doesn’t seem to be working smoothly, does it?  SIGH…. I should probably complain directly to the IRB soon.  And I will.  So much for convenience…

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6 Responses to Income Tax e-Filing: Attempt #2

  1. michelle says:

    Hey can ask her to get me a form ah? Thanks in advance. 😛

    The Giddy Tiger says: She’s in KL woh…sorry!

  2. Taxes are such a pain. And I make side money doing taxes and yet I have that thought.

    If they did not find you at all, then maybe you dun have to pay tax. 🙂 Happy thoughts!!!

    The Giddy Tiger says: Yeah, that’s what I thought at first..but in the end, they found me (kinda)… shucks.

  3. david says:

    haven’t tried e-filing yet. maybe next year. Still prefer the old way… submit a handwritten document. I think it is still safer to do the old way at this time. our government websites and servers are still a bit unsecured.

    The Giddy Tiger says: It’s supposedly faster to do it electronically. Also, since I am in IT, might as well…

  4. After you finishes your taxes you can do a meme. I have tagged you.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Ooooh…. yes, I saw it. Will look into it over the weekend ok?

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