Putting the ‘bling’ in ‘blogging’

Lately there have been several new companies jumping on the bandwagon of advertising in blogs.  These companies typically offer a win-win situation: the advertiser gets to advertise their products and the bloggers get to make some money running the ads for the advertisers.

Do you know what the latest buzz in Malaysia is right now?  Read my lips (or my post 😛 ): Advertlets.  Or affectionately called Little Adverts, if you may.

I registered myself in Advertlets today because I was curious to explore how this company can help monetize my blog.  From what I have read, Advertlets could very well be Malaysia’s answer to PayPerPost!  This is very exciting to all Malaysian bloggers especially because now we get to blog and review products which are close to our hearts as the advertisers would most likely be local ones, and hence the personal touch of blog advertising.  It’s no wonder that the tagline for Advertlets is:

advertisers + bloggers = money + happy

As a start, Advertlets is running a very attractive promotion right now, where all you need to do is to review Advertlets and in turn, you will be paid RM50 for your effort.  Hey, RM50 might not be much,  but it can buy me 20 bowls of laksa, you know! 🙂  However, this offer is only limited to the first 300 bloggers who review their site, so what are you waiting for?  Hurry up, sign up with Advertlets today, and blog blog blog!

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