Get your chores done and a check to boot!

My hubby calls me a TV addict, and well, that about sums it all.  I watch TV religiously, even with a kid in tow now, and I especially like series and soap operas.  If you’re a TV junkie like me, I bet you would have heard about the very popular CBS soap opera As The World Turns (ATWT). Now what would you say if I told you that Brad (Austin Peck) and Katie (Terri Colombino) were gonna pay you a visit and do your least favorite chore?  It could be anything from cleaning the toilet, washing your car, polishing the sofa or even babysitting for a few hours?

Well, NOW you have the chance.  CBS is running a Win A Day With Brad & Katie contest, whereby the winner will win a day with the stars of ATWT.  And that’s not all, the lucky winner will also walk away with a check worth $5,000!  Is that a good deal or what?!

Click here to enter the contest NOW!

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One Response to Get your chores done and a check to boot!

  1. huisia says:

    i almost forgotten when was my last tv show..

    The Giddy Tiger says: You don’t watch TV ah? Make me feel guilty only…

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