Viva Las Vegas!

All this talk about travelling (we’re planning our Singapore trip and all) reminded me of the last time I actually travelled out of Malaysia.  I love travelling as I love discovering different cultures in other countries.  I’ve been to Australia, the Maldives and the good ol’ US of A, among others.  In fact, I’ve been to the US a few times already.

One of my favorite cities in US is Las Vegas.  I have only been there once, and that was a few days after the 9/11.  We took a drive from the Bay Area along the freeway and spent 2 days in Vegas.  When one mentions Vegas, they would typically think of casinos, buffets and the glorious shows.  Would you ever consider moving to Vegas and relocating there?  Think about it: easy access to the Strip and fantastic entertainment all year round!  I definitely would not mind!

If you’re seriously thinking of relocating to Las Vegas, do check out Las Vegas homes.  Here, you can find out more about the various real estate communities in Vegas, and decide which one suits your fancy.  In addition to using this site to buy a home in Vegas, this site also provides services to sell a home in Vegas, if you have one.  You will be spoilt for choice as they have new homes available as well as resale ones.  In fact I was amazed that we could actually buy a brand new home with zero money down and get paid all closing costs, free appliances, free granite counter tops, free oversized lots and free oversized garages (operative word here is FREE) 🙂

In addition, to get yourself updated on the latest news in Las Vegas real estate, you can check out the Las Vegas Real Estate Blog, which has loads of links and useful information for the discerning property owner.  This is definitely THE site to visit for all of Las Vegas property updates.  Million Saver Homes boasts the top property agents in USA.  You will definitely NOT go wrong here. 

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  1. Pei Sze says:

    Hey, you went there a few days after 9/11? I went there a few days before 9/11. Hehe!

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