Pedal Car Racing, anyone?

Have you ever heard of pedal car racing? Or even pedal cars, for that matter? I for one, have not heard of it until yesterday! Make way for the pedal car all the Ferraris and McLarens … here’s an alternative which does not contribute to noise pollution….albeit not as speedy! Check out what a pedal car looks like:

A pedal car is also known as a quadracycle, a recumbent-bicycle or (I like this one) a human-powered vehicle (HPV for short). Since these are human-powered vehicles, they do not burn any fuel and are thus environmentally-friendly and pollution-free. In fact, this is one kind of “car” that schoolkids can “drive” as a form of exercise.

This coming August 19th, the Penang Turf Club will organize the 1st Malaysian Pedal Car Race in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Ain’t that cool? Can you just imagine all these pedal cars moving along the streets of Penang, drawing curious stares and attracting all the attention in the world. It’s gonna be an eight-lap relay race with 10 cars on the grid. What’s more, there are 2 backup cars in case of breakdown or accidents.

So mark your calendars…you don’t wanna miss this. If anything, be reminded that there will be a lot of roads closed on that day!

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