How often do you wash your curtains?  I am contemplating sending my curtains over to the dry cleaners to get it washed, ironed and spanking clean.  For one, I do not have the space in my apartment to hang out my curtains to dry and I have no idea how to iron them.  Despite the hassle of getting these curtains washed, I wouldn’t change a thing about the choice of window decorations we chose. 

When we were decorating our apartment some 2 years back, we put a lot of thought into adorning our windows and sliding doors.  Initially we had wanted to go with vertical blinds, being exposed to its classiness when my hubby had them in his apartment in the States.  However in the end we settled on a combination of curtains with linings, as well as venetian blinds, for that sophisticated feel.  At that time, we noticed a lot of our friends had roman blinds in their homes, and being one to not follow the norm, we chose otherwise.  Our choices were based on how the curtains and blinds would blend in with our home decor and color of our walls. We had our curtains and blinds custom-made, although we could have chosen the easy way out and have them ready-made.

In any case, my hubby and I had a LOT of fun decorating our house, and would certainly look forward to that experience all over again when we eventually get a landed property.  Hopefully soon…

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