Where it all started…

Phew! We just got back from our trip to Ipoh and Taiping over the past couple of days, and boy are we tired.  On Saturday we made a trip to my hometown in Ipoh, spent the night there and on Sunday, headed for my hubby’s hometown in Taiping.  Managed to down some fantastic homecooked meals, which we have really been deprived of (save for some weekends when I do cook), whilst Ethan had a good time exploring both places.

On Sunday morning, we made a trip to Leech Street in Ipoh to savor the authentic white coffee, from the place where it all started.  The Nam Heong restaurant was jam-packed with coffee lovers and (I think) visitors to Ipoh.  Thankfully we found a seat, and ordered coffee and roti bakar (what else?!). 

It was the first time I had coffee in 2 years, at least, what with the pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Although I’m still breastfeeding now, I figured it should be all right for me to have a cup.  And I’m glad I did.  The coffee’s aromatic fragrance was just an invite to its smooth taste and rare blend of authentic coffee beans.  According to my hubby, from the taste, it is apparent that the white coffee here in Nam Heong is made from soaking and sieving the beans using the traditional muslin cloth, as opposed to the one at the Old Town White Coffee franchise, which tasted like they made it from the 3-in-1 packets.  I noticed that the Old Town White Coffee franchise even copied the way Nam Heong places the coffee spoon. 

However, the coffee at Nam Heong ought to have been served in the traditional coffee cups, the kind with the green designs at the side.  That would have given it that extra authenticity.

Rotibakar was all right too, thin and crisp.

Best of all, 3 cups of white coffee and 5 servings of rotibakar only cost us RM7.80.  In the Old Town White Coffee franchise, one cup of coffee alone would have set us back RM2.20!  It was therefore a surprise to me that the franchise also existed in Ipoh (in Greentown business center), and it’s a really huge one too!  Of course, people who frequent it pay for the ambience as well.

Well, I’m glad we found time to have brunch at Nam Heong.  Truly delicious and memorable coffee – I’ll take this anytime in place of a Starbucks latte!

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9 Responses to Where it all started…

  1. jazzmint says:

    wahh…..i’m not a coffee lover, too bad. beh tahan the kopi smell

    The Giddy Tiger says: I’m really a Milo and Hot Chocolate lover, but I can take coffee too 🙂

  2. LB says:

    I am going to IPOH because of this Post! Ok, well, I am going to IPOH anyway! Must make a note of Nam Heong…. but definitely going for the Yim Kook Kai too…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Didn’t know I was THAT influential…hehe.. I don’t know if the Yim Kook Kai is still there though. They might have moved!

  3. Good to go back home ya. Old Town coffee is so yum too. Wish I could find that over here. Can find 3-in 1 type coffees, but no white coffee. I never tried rotibakar before. Looks like I need to go to Ipoh when I invade Malaysia.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Yes, looks like you need to spend and entire YEAR in Malaysia! Rotibakar is simply TOAST with butter and kaya… 🙂

  4. From a coffee addict – YES! Give me Coffee brewed through a sock rather than Starbucks any day! I don’t particularly like going to the Old Town franchises though – coffee too sweet and not as authentic as I like. Do they use the powder when they make it? I prefer mine from the old style coffee powder and so thick your spoon can stand up in it hehe… btw last time I was in Ipoh they were closed – damn

    The Giddy Tiger says: Whoa…SO THICK eh? I heard that the coffee shop right across it has the coffee done the same way. Perhaps you can try it out if Nam Heong is closed when you go again? Geez… they’d better give me some royalty for promoting their coffee…

  5. may says:

    now, THAT is what I miss… authentic Old Town Ipoh White Coffee, freshly brewed!! and roti bakar. really gotta hunt that kaya down in Chinatown this weekend…

    The Giddy Tiger says: So did you manage to get the kaya?

  6. huisia says:

    i like the toast so much..but it seems a bit “lung” oo..

    The Giddy Tiger says: “Lung”?? Hmmm…..me no understand la….

  7. WS says:

    My PD commented it is ok for a b/feeding mum to take 1 cup of coffee per day. Avoid evening, she said.

    The Giddy Tiger says: So far so good after my cuppa last Sunday 🙂

  8. rinnah says:

    Hi Giddy Tiger, hopped over to your blog from Simple American’s. 🙂 Nice site; I read your back story too! *wink*

    I was just in Ipoh on Labour / Wesak Day… passed by Nam Heong – they were closed! Didn’t get to sample the original… *sigh* Looks like I’ll have to satisfy my coffee cravings with Old Town 3-in-1 packets for now…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Welcome Rinnah.. glad I have managed to keep you entertained! *wink & nudge* Oh? Too bad Nam Heong wasn’t opened… my Dad says the 3-in-1 packets sold at Nam Heong is significantly more expensive than the same ones sold in supermarkets!

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