Up, up, up and away….there goes my moolah…

Yesterday I found out that The Star now costs RM1.50 on Saturdays and Sundays.  No warnings or heads-up, I just found out when I went to get a copy.  I’m not sure if it’s because The Star contains more pages on weekends, but I know it won’t be long before the price of the weekday editions go up too.  Hmmmph! Perhaps it’s better we stick to surfing the internet for news…

And then I read that Astro will increase its subscription by 15% too!  This will mean approximately a RM15 price increase every month for the package I am currently subscribed to.  SIGH… all I hear is “Ka-Chingggg!!!!”

Huh? Did someone attribute the price hike to the increase in petrol prices (again)?

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8 Responses to Up, up, up and away….there goes my moolah…

  1. LB says:

    Maybe Professional Bloggers will cost more to read one day too?…

    The Giddy Tiger says: And what about professional unprofessionals like moi? :p

  2. michelle says:

    I heard milk powder, oil…etc is going up.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Well, that’s always the excuse reason they give

  3. Terrible! I don’t buy papers on normal days. Figured no point in paying for pages of ads :p And though I enjoy Saturday’s papers I guess I’ll have to go without too. Nothing in there that we can’t find out elsewhere eh? lol

    The Giddy Tiger says: I agree. Everything we need, from news to entertainment to gossip can be obtained from the net…and at a much more updated pace too!

  4. LB says:

    We’re good for using as bungkus paper for Nasi Lemak..

    The Giddy Tiger says: Hahaha…at least we are *bungkus*ing something good to eat 😉

  5. rinnah says:

    My dad paid RM1.20 for the weekend edition of the papers, not knowing that the price had gone up… the mamak store also did not know so they accepted RM1.20… When my dad got back and I pointed out the new price then only he found out…

    But there’s just something about handling the printed page instead of reading off the computer screen that I like.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Haha…that’s a good one. I don’t think I would have noticed it had the store I bought it from not place a large sign stating the new price.

  6. sss1979 says:

    oh my.. i have no idea bout it.. the newpaper man already charging RM3 every mth.. to deliver to my doorstep. now.. maybe will increase again la..

    The Giddy Tiger says: Most people are unaware of it, maybe your newspaper man too?

  7. may says:

    RM1.50? ok lah… it’s $1.60 here, and I don’t even read all the pages, only entertainment and homes! LOL! oh, and the TV mag pullout…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Sounds like you read all the stuff I read too…oh I check out sports too! 🙂

  8. Prices going up everywhere. I spend over $3 a gallon for petrol last night. It was under $2.50 just around Christmas. Another reason to leave this job. Save on gas.

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