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Do you know someone who is in need of help for drug addiction or drug abuse?  Some of us who do know of people suffering from this enormous threat are at our wits’ end trying to locate help for them.  We do not know where to go for help and where to find information specific for treating the addictions.  Now, with the use of this non-profit drug rehab referral service, you can make a difference in the lives of these precious people.  Here, there is a wealth of information on drug rehab treatment centers for all kinds of alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse, among others.  You can be rest assured that at 1-800-NODRUGS.COM, you will obtain the necessary assistance for the right treatment solution.  With experienced counselors who are at hand to provide advice and useful information on drug and alcohol rehab services and treatment, you are certainly in good hands.  To ensure all needs are met, an assessment will be conducted before the actual treatment is prescribed.  In addition, there is also a link for international callers to reach them.

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