Sotong Blur is as Sotong Gets


Lately I have the weirdest feeling that I am getting blurrer and blurrer…I might as well have the sign “D’oh!” fixed to my head.  You tell me if I am hallucinating…

I blogged that I was a Liverpudlian, but my hubby promptly reminded me that I should be referred to a s Kopite.  So I had to add a clarification to the end of that post.

I blogged that I had never before tasted the pancake dessert when I had attended weddings in Penang, but my loyal blog reader aka my hubby told me that he had been to weddings in Penang with me and we had tasted it before.  For the life of me, I can’t remember doing so.  I can only remember the cold honeydew sago dessert.

This morning I went to the vending machine to get a drink of hot Milo.  I put in a 50 cent coin followed by a 10 cent coin, but that machine swallowed my money!  I banged and banged the machine in my most feminine manner possible but the machine simply would not regurgitate the coins.  I should have waited to see if the 50 cent coin could be detected before continuing with the 10 cent coin….then again, I should have put the 10 cent coin in first. *shrugs*

My hubby and I went back home just now for lunch, and as we were about to leave the house, I took a paper bag I had wanted to throw away, walked outside and *patiently* waited for my hubby to lock the door.  As he was locking the grille door, he looked at the paper bag and asked me what that was for.  I told him I wanted to throw it away (the waste collection room was just right outside our apartment).  My hubby paused for effect 😛  And I sheepishly went to throw it away.

But although I self-profess that I am blur, I am not one to make empty promises.  So I am living up to my word and affirming my participation in MY List by providing here the list of all the blogs who are also in the same geng:

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4 Responses to Sotong Blur is as Sotong Gets

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  2. rinnah says:

    Eh? I am blur about this MY list thingy… but yeah, I have my own fair share of d’uh moments especially when my mind is preoccupied with something else!

    The Giddy Tiger says: You can get more info on my earlier MY list post. I think PB is also one of the members 🙂 SO we are in the same d’uh group?

  3. Angeleyes says:

    Hmm… should I have this LIST for m new blogs so I can have better ranking ah??

    The Giddy Tiger says: I dunno if participation is still open, but you can try asking Daryl, who started it. Check my earlier post on MY List.

  4. You want to borrow my D’oh sigh? Rent it to ya cheap. But I will need it back for that special blur moment. lol

    The Giddy Tiger says: Methinks that D’oh sign will need to be perpetually fixed on my head… D’oh!

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