Giddy over Dresses

It goes without saying that I love to dress up. I find every chance I can to just go get myself a new dress, new shoes and of course, who could forget a new handbag too! Who doesn’t want to be the belle of the ball?! I love watching programs on the telly which showcases fashion, especially celebrity garbed in their fabulous gowns on the red carpet, before a big event. And now with the E! News channel available to us viewers, I can gawk and imagine myself wearing one of those gorgeous dresses…someday. In my quest to attain these beautiful evening dresses, I stumbled on this awesome site. Based in Australia, this site sells evening gowns and wedding gowns that are to die for! I love the uniqueness this site offers, because each gown is made specially for the client, customized in every detail possible. This means that every dress will fit you like a glove! There are also a variety of fabric to choose from, ranging from satin to velvet, and in lots of attractive colors too! I love satin gowns and I think they look absolutely classy! To enhance your look, this site also carries very interesting pieces of accessories. I, for one, got giddy just by checking out the site!

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One Response to Giddy over Dresses

  1. rinnah says:

    So did you pick out an evening gown for my non-happening wedding? LOL!

    The Giddy Tiger says: You must tell me the theme first! 😀

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