The Ring around my Finger

I wear my wedding ring on my left ring finger, the one next to my pinkie. Why? Because the vein of love (vena amoris) coming straight from the heart runs right through this finger. When I was engaged, I wore my engagement ring on this finger too, and now that I am married, I wear them both on this finger. The wedding ring goes in first followed by the engagement ring. It follows this order because this way, the wedding ring (symbolizing the marriage) is closer to my heart (yes, I have a reason for everything I do šŸ˜› ). Because of the love these rings symbolize, I find it hard to understand why some people choose NOT to wear their wedding rings. Somebody told me before that she didn’t wear hers because her husband doesn’t wear his too! *rolls eyes* Do they NOT know the meaning these rings carry?

Well anyway, a few weeks ago, I received a rather interesting email on why the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger. Check this out:

Why should the wedding ring be worn on the fourth finger?

There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given by the Chinese Legend…

Thumb represents your Parents
Second (Index) finger represents your Siblings
Middle finger represents your-Self
Fourth (Ring) finger represents your Life Partner
& the Last (Little) finger represents your children

Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold them together – back to back
Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb – tip to tip
(As shown in the figure below):

Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)…, they will open, because your parents are not destined
to live with you lifelong, and have to leave you sooner or later.
Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers (representing siblings)…., they will also open,
because your brothers and sisters will have their own families and will have to lead their own separate lives.

Now join the Index fingers and separate your Little fingers (representing your children)…., they will open too,
because the children also will get married and settle down on their own some day.

Finally, join your Little fingers, and try to separate your Ring fingers (representing your spouse).
You will be surprised to see that you just CANNOT….., because Husband & Wife have to remain together all their lives –
through thick and thin!!

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18 Responses to The Ring around my Finger

  1. Giddy! I dunno why, but, I think this is the most meaningful post that I’ve read b4. I get touched and I am not going to forget it for the rest of my life! I’m going to tell Elizabeth about it before she get married to her love ones too.Just to make her understand the precious bond between husband and wife.

    Thanks for this info. I really appreciate it šŸ™‚

    The Giddy Tiger says: You are most welcome! I’m glad I was able to provide you with this insight!

  2. chinnee says:

    wah….fantastic ya this test! .just tried it out, and quite true also, the 4th fingers totally cannot separate la !

    The Giddy Tiger says: I was amazed myself!

  3. rinnah says:

    What a beautiful way of expressing one’s love for one’s partner! I love the way you explain why you wear your rings the way you do. When I get married, I want one of those wedding + engagement ring sets that are interlocking (if you know what I mean). Heh.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Oh, I DO know what you mean! And if you do need an honest opinion, look no further than me! šŸ˜€

  4. ParisB says:

    Ooh i got this in an email once. Tried it and well, can leh… LOL… But yes its a truly meaningful message and I’m glad you brought it out in your inimitable way. Oh and I sent you something

    The Giddy Tiger says: You CAN separate your fingers?!! This you gotta show me!

  5. michelle says:

    Got ppl dont wear their wedding ring meh? Then buy for what? Forgive my ignorance.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Don’t ask me, I ain’t one of them šŸ˜›

  6. I tried and I could not seperate them. Maybe ParisB can do this as she is still a free women. At least I do not think she is married. Forgive me if I am wrong.

    Really enjoyed reading this. I love discovering the history behind these kind of things. History provides perspective. I don’t know why people do not pay more attention to this sort of thing. Thanks for sharing this with us. šŸ™‚

    And I completed your tag too. Bless the orphans.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Thanks SA! I like reading about the historical aspect of things too!

  7. LB says:

    How enlightening! Now I know what NOT to do with my middle finger… *sigh* I wish I have a wedding ring, sometimes too…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Well, you can use this piece of information for the future! *wink*

  8. Leah says:

    Thx for the info, never know the significant of this (which finger to wear), but I do believe one has to wear them. šŸ™‚
    I do occasionally change between ring finger and middle finger when it started to cause redness/mark/itch (due to allergy).

    The Giddy Tiger says: My pleasure. Are you allergic to the metal?

  9. jazzmint says:

    wahhh itu macam gehh

    The Giddy Tiger says: yep šŸ™‚

  10. Hijackqueen says:

    Amazing! I must go and ask Loctor why the ringman finger can’t be separated. *must be that vein. must be that vein.*

    The Giddy Tiger says: Yes, then please let me know if there is a scientific explanation for it.

  11. shooi says:

    Most Chinese women actually wore their wedding ring on the right ring finger Husband will wear the ring on the left ring finger. And husband & wive are supposed to be mirror image of each other. So always men left, women right in alot of husband/ wife arrangements.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Well, I heard about that *arrangement* but I am not one of those who follow it, because it doesn’t contain any logic to it. The vena amoris explanation makes more sense to me.
    Plus, when we got married in church, it clearly states to “place the ring on the ring finger on the left hand”.

  12. ParisB says:

    SA: yep am still free lol… any takers? šŸ˜‰

    The Giddy Tiger says: This post could springboard as a matchmaking service eh?

  13. may says:

    I know about wearing the wedding ring around the fourth finger, but that tale about it is the first for me… sweetness!

    The Giddy Tiger says: It was the first time I associated it with that tale too!

  14. I got one partner in his late 30s still single. Good ol’ country boy, Paris.

    The Giddy Tiger says: OOh, that’s nice to know. Remember to add SA and me to your wedding guest list though šŸ™‚

  15. Dawn says:

    I love this history behind the fingers. Oh yes, I tried the test and lo and behold, the two stay together. Thanks for sharing.

    The Giddy Tiger says: My pleasure. šŸ™‚

  16. Chen says:

    I dun wear my wedding ring and watch for years. Coz I need to scrub and clean my hands frequently for sterile procedures. It’s just too troublesome to remove them each time I need to scrub up šŸ™‚

    The Giddy Tiger says: But you wear it when you go on romantic dinners? šŸ˜€

  17. Hooi Ling says:

    WoW! That’s very interesting fact to know!! Well, i don’t wear my wedding ring after Charlotte is born because the protruded diamond setting tends to scratch my little girl’s soft tender skin…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Yes, I have to be careful all the time too! I take off my rings when I am at home though.

  18. zara's mama says:

    Psst.. if I tried real hard.. it can be separated.. a small gap.. but nonetheless a gap.. but the index fingers hurt la..

    The Giddy Tiger says: Hmm….I wonder if that means anything…

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