Slam, Bam and Wham!

When I first got my driver’s license, I was obviously excited by the prospect of taking the car out for a spin. What could be more liberating than being behind the wheel, knowing fully well that I am in total control of the car, and with a valid license to boot?

Well, unfortunately my Dad’s car was an old Peugeot with no power steering whatsoever. Although this was a Used Peugeot, it served my family well and was a great sturdy and hardy car. It was not purchased from any of the Peugeot Dealers because we got a great deal from the owner who was willing to sell it off at a good price. At that time, anyway.

My Dad did not allow me to take the car out on my own on my first attempt, mainly because it was rather heavy to handle and it was very much different than the car I was driving when I passed my driving test. I could handle the manual transmission (stick shift) but it was a different story altogether handling a big car like a Peugeot. So my Dad sat by my side while I drove the car out. Everything went well until I stopped at a junction and waited for the coast to clear before I turned left. Somehow I hit the gas pedal too fast while releasing the clutch, I momentarily lost control of the car, it swerved to the left, hit the curb and the car came to a halt. When we got out to check, one of the front tyres had gone flat! 🙁 We had to get the tyre changed and my Dad drove home after that, obviously. I was a little bit paranoid about driving the Peugeot after that, choosing instead to drive my Mom’s smaller car. Once bitten, twice shy, they say.
Nevertheless, it was definitely an eye-opening experience driving Used Cars like the Peugeot, although it can be a mind-boggling one, depending on how you see it. You know what they say…. you never know what you’re gonna get! *wink*

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  1. rinnah says:

    Hehehe… my Dad used to sit by me when I drove his car too! Now, he sits in the back and pretends he’s being chauffeur-driven. LOL!

    The Giddy Tiger says: And I am sure you are proud to be his chauffeur, eh?

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