Instead of work, I want to

NOT work, of course!!

Work, work, work and more work! Every single work day, my fingers meticulously create and reply emails with clockwork precision. Open email, read read read, then type out replies, think a little bit. Rephrase the email, sometimes. Hit ALT+S. Gets dreary sometimes, aitelyu. Attend meetings, answer customer calls, draft and finalize project documentation…can it not get any more predictable? For once, I would really like to get away from it all. There are so many things out there waiting for me to experience, why do I have to remain cooped up in the workplace? Yeah, cuz it brings in the dough. Don’t need a genius to work out that equation.

If only someone will instead PAY me to:

1. Open ceremony with my new 32-inch MAXIM wok!! Complete with a WYSIWYC (what you see is what you cook) glass cover and vents for airflow control (though I don’t know how the *control* portion works because the knob on the glass cover is not rotatable). I bought this baby for a steal at only RM74.50 (it retailed at RM269, but Jusco had it on sale at half-off, plus I made use of my RM60 worth of Jusco vouchers, and voila…here was a wok to give me hours of endless hours of cooking joy). What shall I cook first? Yummy claypot chicken rice? Stir-fry vegetables? Ehon‘s cheese and mushroom omelette? Or lormaikai? No…that one must use steamer…

2. Go for a holiday. If only I can teleport myself back to the Maldives for a second honeymoon! White string bikinis, pristine sandy beaches, snorkelling, food…and sun sun sun!!! Throw in a full body massage and bask myself in the intoxicating scents of lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils and I am in paradise.

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3. Join Preeta on her book tour. I just got word that one of my dear ex-classmates and good friend, Preeta Samarasan, will be embarking on a book tour this coming May in conjunction with the launch of her first book, Evening Is The Whole Day, which is already gaining rave reviews in the press. Preets is an excellent writer, and in fact this was already apparent in our schooldays when she displayed her prowess in the English language and also French (she got an A1 for French in SPM!) Preets was my Ding and I was her Dong. Don’t ask. And she drew a really adorable picture of a polka dotted piggy in my autograph book. I’m hoping to be able to fit into her suitcase now.

4. Watch reruns of Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy or Heroes while pigging out on ice cream. Curling up on the couch without any interruptions, and (NOT) getting fat in the process is just a bonus.

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5. Enjoy a relaxing, no-holds-barred lunch with a good girlfriend. It’s always enlightening to catch up on each other’s lives while having a scrumptious lunch. Even though it is only for an hour or so…and then bam! back to work….SIGH. Never mind what we ate, it was the company that mattered.

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So how? Anyone wanna pay me good money to do the things I love?

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20 Responses to Instead of work, I want to

  1. ehon says:

    wah!! if got such a deal i also want ler. pay me to go back to malaysia – i got people pay me to travel to melb n sydney lar but not to m’sia. 🙁 but i got people pay me to talk to people and to online. 😀 hehe. close enough.

    ps: i just had omelette this morning! it’s been a while – but i ran out of cheese, but still, ham + mushroom + onion does me good too.

    The Giddy Tigress says: …oh, and you forgot got ppl pay you to blog too! Eh, everyday eat omelette ar?

  2. Jemima says:

    There are many wonderful things that money can’t buy.. how you live your wonderful life is just one of them.. ‘coz it’s HIS love & gift for you.

    The Giddy Tigress says: That’s really excellent food for thought, Jem.

  3. bs says:

    hmm how about learn to love to do something people are paying you to do it? But then again life would be too perfect 😛

    The Giddy Tigress says: That sounds suspiciously familar, bs…. sure you didn’t hear it from somewhere ah?

  4. Adino says:

    I won’t mind getting a pay cut if I can get that kind of job too!

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hey, me too!

  5. rinnah says:

    I also want to be paid for all that stuff too! If only… it’s either that or find a hubby rich enough to support me to be a SAHM. LOL.

    The Giddy Tigress says: What if we get paid just to hang out with each other and yum cha?

  6. Preeta Samarasan says:

    Dong, you are so sweet to do this! Thank you thank you for the publicity. I wish I could bring you along in my suitcase too! You, Aud, Sonia, all the old gang, stuffed in my suitcase like a brace of rabbits. We would have so much fun. We would play pranks on strangers and giggle ourselves silly. Ah well.

    — Dong (aidonohow to draw a piggy here else I would)

    The Giddy Tigress says: Ding! I wanted to post a pic of thet piggy but my autograph booky is back in Ipoh. Gosh, I miss our schooldays…SIGH.

  7. michelle says:

    Maybe you should ask your hubby that question. I am sure he is reading it. 😛

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yes, my hubby is my No.1 fansee… and I already know his response liao 😛

  8. LB says:

    Once upon a time, I wanted to just drop everything. And then travel around the world, working in local odd jobs just enough to eat and sleep and then move on.. Experience the world before it’s too late. It’s too late now, I guess..

    The Giddy Tigress says: But never too late for lormaikai…speaking of which, I did find a recipe for that last night while browsing through my Amy Beh book.

  9. may says:

    instead of work, I’d like to take a stroll in the park when it’s half empty (‘cos the others are working mah!), enjoy the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air… and not have a care in the world.

    The Giddy Tigress says:…and I’d like to join you on that stroll too!

  10. Jacelyn says:

    i guess the only one can pay u on these is ur HUBBY!! 😀

    btw, i saw ur comment in Chinnee blog abt birth control. can i know more abt it? i dunno ur email, that’s y i drop my words here. can u email at ?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yup…hey, I sent you an email about the *method* liao. Will give you more details when you reply.

  11. Pink Cotton says:

    sigh..that sounds a bit like my work too 🙁

    i wish someone would pay me to go shopping!..that would be bliss!! =)

    The Giddy Tigress says: Wah…I forgot about that! Yes yes…paying me to go shopping would be awesome!

  12. mistipurple says:

    it would be nice to have a long holiday, with no worries.
    no point having a holiday and having lots of things at the back of the mind. and then, to be able to take a walk with the evening breeze blowing in the face. that would be my dream of a good holiday. *dreams on*

    The Giddy Tigress says: I totally agree…and then after the holiday, no need to come back to yucky work…

  13. Paik Ling says:

    Wishful thinking ha ha

    The Giddy Tigress says: Doesn’t hurt to dream…:)

  14. laundryamah says: can? no work no play la…

    The Giddy Tigress runs away sked sked….

  15. narrowband says:

    I’m hitting my 12th month in working life and I’m starting to get bored already! How to continue!! Didn’t I tell you that Geminis have a short attention span?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Oh, I think the short attention span extends to Librans too…

  16. chinnee says:

    n again, everything need $$ hor? hehe…

    The Giddy Tigress says: Nothing is ever free in this world.

  17. mott says:

    hey..thanks so much for dropping by!!!!

    i’m quite bad at blog hoppin..but I’m glad you hopped over to mine. I’ll be reading ur archives..hope u won’t mind 😉

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hey Mott, thanks for coming by too! No, of course I don’t mind you snoopin’ around! 🙂 Hope to see more of you too!

  18. Sue says:

    Won’t pay you la…wanna join you though…can ah….haha..

    The Giddy Tigress says: Of course you can join me if you find someone who will pay us both to do all of the above!

  19. ablogaway says:

    Do let me know if there’s really such a posting, I’ll eagerly resign too. And I certainly enjoyed the lunch too, we should do it more often.

    The Giddy Tigress says: I sure will! And I am so looking forward to more lunches together 🙂

  20. KittyCat says:

    You want to be a personal shopper too? I’ve always wondered how those lucky folks get that job description!

    By the way, thanks for your kind wishes.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Oh yes, a personal shopper for myself 🙂

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