I’m hangin’ in there, babe


I found 10 minutes yesterday evening and managed to flip through an adorable little book which my good gal pal Audrey presented to me recently (thanks Aud!).  It’s called The Wit and Wisdom of Mothers.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful pictures of animals in the book, the accompanying (witty) phrases sure did strike a chord within me as well.

So how do you think I have been coping with my current job as home project manager aka SAHM?  I would think I am doing pretty okay.  All it takes is some practice, some time and a whole lot of patience obtaining certain skillsets I like to call the “Mommy Multitasking Skills”:

These include, among others, the ability to:

  • Do as many things as possible while breastfeeding, such as typing on the keyboard of the computer, eating lunch/dinner, reading a story to your other kid etc.
  • Talk to your elder child and prevent him from any mishaps while changing/bathing your younger child.
  • Cook for your family while making sure your younger child, who can’t eat regular adult food yet, is fed and contented too.  Someday I’d like to master the art of breastfeeding and cooking at the same time LOL
  • Carry 2 kids simultaneously (cannot be done very often)
  • Have lunch while doing laundry
  • Know when to take a shower while baby is taking a nap, at the same time rinse some cloth diapers in the washroom, oh and before that put some chicken vegetable soup to boil, so a few proverbial birds are killed with one stone.  Must be done in perfect timing before baby wakes up.
  • …oh, and let’s not forget the ability to try as much as possible to keep all my blogs alive and prevent mold and mildew from making them their home.

As you can see, my life now is never with a dull moment, and I foresee even more exciting things happening in the near future!

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2 Responses to I’m hangin’ in there, babe

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Great job, Joyce. It ain’t easy I know – that is why I am quite grateful for Mondays!

  2. Audrey says:

    You’re welcome dear 😀 and I agree that multi-tasking is absolutely essential for mommies, more so now that you have TWO chubbedies…

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