The “I’m lovin’ it” memories


There I was … sitting there quietly looking at my son finish his sundae cone and eating my fries, when it dawned on me the memories I had experienced at McDonald’s.  Not all were captured in just ONE McDonald’s branch, but they were all under that same umbrella…or shall I say the same golden arches?

I remember when McDonald’s first opened its doors in my hometown in Ipoh.  I was still in school then, and it was a real TREAT to go to McDonald’s.  My friends and I made plans to visit the outlet as soon as it had opened.

I remember once I ordered the Big Mac and could not finish it because it was just too big a helping.  McDonald’s was the ultimate venue for us schoolkids celebrating our examination results too.  And on weekday afternoons, the place would be jampacked with schoolkids in school uniforms. 

Sometimes after my afternoon extra-curricular activities, my friends and I would walk to the bus stop opposite McDonald’s to catch a bus home.  I recall buying the sundae cone to eat while waiting for the bus to come.  Back then, the sundae come came in three varieties: vanila, chocolate and Twist (vanila + chocolate).  Now they just have it in vanila. 

Once, my friends and I also sneaked out of camp to walk all the way to McD’s late at night to have some milkshake.  LOL – those were the days!

I made many a deal in McDonald’s too.  My housing loan was signed on a McD’s table, because it was a neutral meeting place for the bank officer to meet us.  We also had meetings with our wedding photographer at McD’s to discuss and finalize details.

Oh, and who could forget running around outlet after outlet searching for that elusive Winnie the Pooh bear to complete the collection? Haha…I have all the bears now, … I don’t really USE them, but they serve as a reminder of those carefree days…

I have gone from loving the McChicken to preferring the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and the Ayam Goreng McD, and at one point during my first pregnancy, I even craved the chicken porridge!  One thing’s for certain…I absolutely LOVE the fries!

And nowadays, believe it or not, I go to McDonald’s every weekday.  Not because I have some frequent diner membership but because my son adores that place.  Well actually he adores the vanila ice cream there.

Here’s to the memories of past and more to come! *puts a french fry in my mouth*

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3 Responses to The “I’m lovin’ it” memories

  1. Adino says:

    Same here… but I have to add one more type of activity I did at McDonald’s… dating! hehe

  2. chooi peng says:

    the post made me remember of those days…..

  3. sharine says:

    well… there are times I crave for a particular food not because it’s tasty but because of the childhood memories…

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