The illusion of the price


Several people inquired how much the coconut jelly costs.  Initially I told them RM3.70 per coconut, but honestly I am not too sure now.

Scenario 1

My hubby buys 5 coconuts and was charged RM18.40 in total.  That comes up to RM3.68 per coconut.

Scenario 2

I get down from the car and buy 10 coconuts and was charged RM37.00.  That’s RM3.70 per coconut.

Scenario 3

I buy 5 coconuts and was charged RM17.40.  That amounts to RM3.48 per coconut.

So, you tell me how much it costs… buying 5 coconuts appears to be more cost effective compared to buying 10!  Whatever happened to bulk discounts? 😛

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention one very important factor: in Scenario 2, I was dressed in a regular t-shirt and jeans, and in Scenario 3, I wore a V-neck tank top and knee-length pants.

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2 Responses to The illusion of the price

  1. Adino says:

    Maybe they gave you a discount for buying so many!

  2. michelle says:

    Probably they give u RM 1 discount for 10.

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