Absolutely RED with ONG

We are more than a week through the new Lunar New Year of the Tiger.  How has it treated you?

For me it has been a hot hot hot New Year.  I’ve been eating non-stop: cookies, drinks, bak-kwa….and now I am nursing an irritating dry cough.


But I did enjoy the Chinese New Year holidays.  For a change, I chose to put on RED lipstick.  I am never one to wear lipstick, and when I do, it is of a shade that is subtle or very close to my lip color.  This year, I opted to usher in the “ONG” with RED lipstick, and red nailpolish.

…and you know what?  I discovered that with red lipstick, it cuts down my makeup time by about 10 minutes!  This is because I don’t need to put on a whole lot of eyeshadow and blush.  I want all the attention on my red lips, so the eyes just gets a simple eyeliner treatment, very light eyeshadow, and I just use my Georgia face powder for a light touch of peach on the face.  So putting on RED lipstick is definitely a great tip for mommies with kids 🙂

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4 Responses to Absolutely RED with ONG

  1. PB says:

    Makes you a Hot Mama too! 😀 I’ve put on an abominable amount of weight this CNY. Seriously need to diet 😛

  2. jemima says:

    I looked at the pix before I read the post.
    I thought it was a pix of Gong Li. 😛

    Happy CNY to you and family. 🙂

  3. rinnah says:

    I sported red nails for CNY too! 🙂

  4. Wow Chili red colour..i like it too.

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