How I got my brand new Kristin!

Before I start my story, I want to make it clear that my delay in posting this piece of news does NOT in any way reflect what I feel.  I had wanted to post this on the day it happened, but circumstances were not in my favor….anyhow, better late than never…


Now, one of my Coach finds when I got back from the US was a chic white patent leather clutch, something I had always wanted and I could see myself getting a lot of *fashion mileage* out of.  However, I was a little bit concerned about it being white and how I could keep it clean, and as fate would have it, when I took it out of the wrapper I shipped it back in, I notice to my dismay, that there were purplish streaks on the clutch.


I had NO idea how those marks got there because I had carefully packed the clutch in a plastic bag (which did NOT contain any purple markings, nor any color markings).  I was not sure how to clean it, because the instructions on the card in the clutch said to NOT use the Coach leather cleaner.  I tried to scrape it out gently with my nail, but it appeared STUCK to the leather.  I was mortified…see how horrible it looked?  It was worse because my clutch was WHITE!


So I did what I knew was the best thing I could think of: I emailed Coach and explained the situation.

And got a reply within an hour!  And they’re located in Florida!

Anyway, the Coach representative told me to send the clutch to them to inspect, and then they would advise me further. I promptly Fedexed the item to them, and within a week, I received a reply from the person-in-charge to say that they had decided to give me store credit to purchase another Coach item, since I believe the clutch I had purchased had already been discontinued.

As soon as I received that email, only one word crossed my mind: Kristin.

I have been infatuated with the latest Coach Kristin collection since it was launched, and there was no doubt in my mind that I was gonna get myself one from that collection.  After checking out the collection, I decided on the crossbody bag.  At that time, I was quite taken by the unique turquiose shade of the Kristin collection, but after Paris, who personally checked out the collection at the Coach boutique in KL, told me the color was duller in real life compared to online, I decided to choose the Chalk/Silver bag instead.

However, when I emailed the Coach representative to order it, she told me they were out of that shade, and she told me to check back in 2-3 weeks’ time.

Hehe…I emailed her after 10 days. 

And 3 days later, I received the email I had been waiting for.  The Coach Kristin crossbody bag in Chalk/Silver was now available.  I gave the green light for them to ship it to me, and religiously tracked the journey of my precious bag.

One day before it was delivered to me, I received a call from DHL informing me that there was sales tax to be paid amounting to RM94.67…which I fully expected, it being a leather bag and all.

The next day, the DHL guy caught me just in time as I was about to leave the house.  I issued him a check for the tax and gleefully took the box in.

And…tadaaa!!!  I’ll let the bag speak for itself:


Actually it doesn’t look quite as white as WHITE, but more on the greyish side.  I guess that’s why it’s called CHALK.  The leather is really SMOOTH and I love the signature clasp on the bag.  The inside has many many card compartments, so it’s very suitable for me….and what I like about it is that it gives me two hands free!

I haven’t taken my little Kristin baby out on the town yet, but I just might…very very soon!  PLUS they ain’t got this crossbody bag in the Coach boutiques in Malaysia, baby! 🙂

I couldn’t help smiling when I received a promotional email from Coach today that said:

Crossbody: The bag style of the year.  We think it owes its popularity to the fact that shopping requires two free hands.

I couldn’t agree more.  And taking care of two kids requires two free hands too, I might add! 🙂 

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5 Responses to How I got my brand new Kristin!

  1. PB says:

    That m’dear is a gorgeous bag and a wonderful choice! Don’t make me want one yes? thank goodness we don’t have it here 😛

  2. rinnah says:

    Wowowowow… I’m lemming something from th Coach Kristin collection… but it’s not the crossbody… it’s the hobo… 🙂

  3. KittyCat says:

    The service is so good eh? I already own a crossbody but I’m looking for a swingpack. And my birthday’s coming up hehehe 😉

  4. huisia says:

    wow, didn’t know their service could as good as this….nice nice!

  5. wen says:

    i love the clasp!!! ya, crossbody bags are so useful to us when we only hv two hands with two kids or more…

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