A Delicious Detour that did us Good

We had planned on having a Japanese lunch before we headed back to Penang.  We even had a specific location in mind, somewhere in Damansara Uptown.

But fate must have had other ideas. 

As we walked towards the Japanese restaurant, something beckoned us as we passed a Vietnamese restaurant, just a few doors away.  I was drawn to the menu because it had a few of the Vietnamese stuff I love.


The name Du Viet sounded familiar, but we couldn’t quite remember where we had seen it before.  Most importantly, I checked to see if they had the Vietnamese Beef Stew dish, that Ethan loved back in the US. 🙂

Oh yes, they did…and they had other stuff too…

Like the summer rolls…


Tasted good, but there was something missing in the peanut sauce…

Hubbs had the dried noodles…


Verdict: Not enough fish sauce, and the noodles should be the Vietnamese vermicelli, instead of regular meehoon.

I, of course, ordered the beef broth noodles.  They didn’t have a whole lot of selection and customization available, though.  And I felt they could have added more basil.


Verdict: I’ve had better.  Broth was not thick enough, noodles were koay teow, when I was expecting the thinner Vietnamese vermicelli.

The highlight of our lunch, however, was the dessert.  My sister-in-law recommended their durian pancake, which, according to her, was to die for.

I thought I had gotten over durians, but when I put that spoonful of durian pancake in my mouth, it was just HEAVEN in one bite!  See how tempting it looks?


It’s like they took the durian, removed the seed, and replaced it with some whipped cream.  So it’s got some of the durian inside, mixed with the cream…the result was a SPLENDID dessert.  Now, we never got this in Vietnamese restaurants in the States…. 😛 Whatever it is, I LOVED it.


I would go to this restaurant again, if only to eat this dessert. 🙂

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2 Responses to A Delicious Detour that did us Good

  1. The durian dessert is making me droooool!

  2. rachel says:

    My friend will be smiling by reading this post. Yes she owns Du Viet. Original shop at Damansara Jaya. Now they have expanded. and yes, they are one of the few serving authentic Vietnamese..

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