Score!!! And it’s a GOAL!

At the price of RM1.50 for The Star newspaper, which included a free Galaxie magazine, free key chain and World Cup daily supplement, we were given a *chance* to score a goal from a free kick.  Obviously hubby was the one who stepped up.

Check out the difficult angle the ball was placed at, and given that hubbs is a right-footer at best (the ball was placed where a left-footed shot would have been better), and the ball was a really light beach ball (read: difficult to control), he slammed the ball straight into the goal (which was quite small to begin with).  I was thrilled!

It wasn’t the free shoe bag we got for scoring that made me happy, but the mere sight of the goal being scored.


Now, don’t you think my hubby could be a great asset to Liverpool?  Perhaps as a manager? *hint hint*

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4 Responses to Score!!! And it’s a GOAL!

  1. jemima says:

    He can teach the English strikers a lesson or two. 😛

  2. Allan says:

    Liverpool SOOoo needs him now! Quick, send the vid to Anfield!

  3. wen says:

    this year’s all team are very lousy! ur hub probably beat them!! start contacting all the football clubs for ur hub’s recruitment!

  4. simon says:

    wah! your hb shd be in South Africa! 🙂

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yeah man!

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