I shouldn’t feel entirely guilty but…

…I still feel that it’s partially my fault.


You see, as I was mopping the floor today, my mop hit the skirting of my timber stripped floor, and onto the floor jumped a very tiny black lizard.  It didn’t crawl away quickly like what I would have expected of a lizard, instead it lay there on the floor, looking quite stuck.

I figured it could be because the floor was damp, from the mopping, and the lizard was waiting for the floor to dry before it made its escape.

I turned on the fan and allowed the floor to dry.

But even after the floor had dried, the tiny lizard still lay there, motionless.  I wasn’t even sure if it was alive or dead.

Since I am terrified of lizards, I thought I would use a rolled-up newspaper to sweep it out of my house.  So I rolled up some old newspaper, opened the main door of the house, took a deep breath and touched the lizard gently with the newspaper. 

It moved a little bit, which showed it was still alive.

Then I swept it towards the door a little bit more.  Took a few sweeps for it to move, really.  Poor little guy must have been hanging on tightly to the floor.

At times, the lizard flipped upside down and looked like it was going to escape.  I screamed a little, then it flipped itself back upright.

Slowly I swept that lil fella out of the house.  But then I noticed it became quite motionless.

That’s when I thought it had died.  And then the guilt set in. 🙁

But it was something I had to do.  Rest in peace, little lizard…

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  1. Hui Sia says:

    Funny post hahaha

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