Use Cucumbers for that Shine!

I recently read that we can use cucumbers to clean taps and stainless steel surfaces around the house.  According to the tip I read, using cucumbers would remove even the oldest tarnishes and stains from stainless steel surfaces, returning the sheen to your appliances.

I was excited to try this out because if this worked, it would mean one less thing I could do without the use of detergents, which meant my hands would not need to be exposed to harsh chemicals too.


So…what do you think?  Did it pass the test? 🙂

Well, I’m satisfied 🙂 … and I even used the slice of cucumber to clean my kitchen sinks too!

Heh heh…one more thing….this is also a good reason for me to show off our new bathroom tap (pictured above).  Got it from Ikea and had the taps installed in both our bathrooms.  Our old taps were the kind where you need to turn it counter-clockwise to turn it on.  We’d much prefer these new ones because if our hands were really filthy, we could use our wrists to lift and turn on the tap!

We had wanted to change the taps for years but we only recently found a reasonably-priced one in Ikea.  Nice or nice? 🙂

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2 Responses to Use Cucumbers for that Shine!

  1. Adino says:

    I am sooo going to try this out later! The tap looks good. Minimalistic and modern!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I am going to try too. BY the way, I think I saw you in the AMD booth for the story 11.00pm story telling session. But before I manage to go near, you just disappeared from my sight. Hehe……

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