Cream of Giddy Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup has always been something very special and comforting to me.  As a child, I loved the aroma and taste of this soup and would yearn for it all the time.  Unfortunately, my kids have yet to develop this love.

I had always wanted to create homemade mushroom soup from scratch, as opposed to using the canned versions.  I’ve added chopped mushrooms to the canned mushroom soup before, but I’ve never made the soup myself.   However, I have had recent yummy encounters with the Marche mushroom soup and also, a couple of weeks back, my new neighbor cooked some herself and shared a bowl with me too.

Hence my interest and yearning to cook this spectacular soup was renewed. 

So today saw me making my very own version of mushroom soup.  I used white mushrooms, and chopped them up real nice.  Not too fine though, because I do like the soup slightly chunky.


I also made my own chicken stock.  I used chicken bones, celery, carrots, garlic, yellow onions, bay leaf and parsley.


On hindsight, I should have simmered the stock a little longer.  I only simmered it for about an hour or so. 

But it was enough to make a nutritious mushroom soup, served with LOVE. 🙂


Hubster gave the thumbs up for this soup, and well…I’m sure the kids will love it too…someday 🙂

Here’s my recipe for Mushroom Soup.  I referred briefly to a recipe from a cookbook for kids 🙂


4 – 5 medium white mushrooms (chopped finely)
1 tsp butter
2 tbsp oats
Fresh milk
Salt and pepper to taste
Chicken stock (homemade or store bought)
Corn flour (optional)


Boil ingredients for chicken stock for 1-2 hours, then strain the ingredients.  Bring stock to a boil and add the chopped mushrooms and butter.  Cook for about 10 minutes.

Mix the oats with some fresh milk and pour mixture into soup, while stirring (Oats will provide added fibre to the soup and taste awesome).  Add salt and pepper to taste.

If you like the soup to be smoother, you could also blend it in the blender, but I was too lazy to do so.  Also, I did add a little bit of corn flour too, to make the soup thicker.

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  1. KittyCat says:

    Mmm…the boy loves mushroom soup with garlic bread and the girl loves anything except sweet potato LOL I will try this one day. Thanks for the recipe!

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