Beware your Neighborhood Pharmacy

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This afternoon, I dropped by a nearby pharmacy to see if they carried citric acid.  I needed citric acid to descale my sterilizer.  This was the conversation that took place:

Me: Hi, do you guys sell citric acid here?
Lady: Yes, we have Vitamin C.
Me: No no, not Vitamin C. CITRIC ACID – you know, the kind you use to descale a sterilizer?
Lady (looking confused): No, we don’t have it.
Me: Okay, thanks anyway.

As I was about to leave the pharmacy, I couldn’t stop myself from turning round to tell the lady, “Oh, by the way, Vitamin C is NOT Citric Acid.  Vitamin C is ASCORBIC ACID.”

And I left her staring at me, dumbfounded.

Yeah, I might seem bitchy that way, but at least I am smart enough to know the difference.

And nope, I am definitely NOT going into that pharmacy again.  But yeah, I still need to know where I can find citric acid.

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4 Responses to Beware your Neighborhood Pharmacy

  1. Bart says:

    Did the sterilizer instruction indicate whether or not you can use vinegar instead?

    The Giddy Tigress says: No, the instructions did not mention vinegar or distilled vinegar, so I am hesitant to use it. I do use distilled vinegar in my washer to descale it though. Any chance you know where to buy citric acid?

  2. I’m still using the descaling packs that came with my AVENT stuff. Think you could check with AVENT distributor in Hartamas.

    Check opening days and hours before dropping by.

  3. Pink Cotton says:

    hahahaha! good for you…
    working in a pharmacy and yet not knowing about what they deal with…that’s inexcusable!

  4. Joanne says:

    Joyce, u can get it from QBM’s Mom’s Care. They are selling it RM1 per pack. I got mine there 🙂

    The Giddy Tigress says: Awesome! Thanks Joanne…that will make my life so much easier! 🙂

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