Halloween Scare-a-bration done in bad taste

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Last night we were out for dinner at e-Gate in Penang.  After our dinner, we took a walk to the nearby pharmacy.  We were just about to leave the pharmacy when my son announced that he had to do a number two.  So we hurriedly rushed to the nearest loo.

The public toilet at e-Gate is very badly ventilated, so I kept the cubicle door open while I stood in the doorway waiting for my son.

Suddenly two people entered the toilet and stood a few feet behind me.  I paid very little attention to them, until I saw my son’s face turned to shock when he saw them.

I immediately turned round, and what I saw was two women, clad in dark greyish pants and shirt, with their faces made up like bloodied ghosts or zombies.  They put on grey makeup all over their faces and black eyeliner for their eyes.  They used lipstick liberally to denote blood.  To top things off, both of these women had long flowing hair. 

And they were just plain standing there, waving at my son.


I very nearly screamed my head off at them.  But I managed to compose myself and said, “Can you PLEASE not show your face to a young child?  Do you know how scary you look?”

They did not apologize at all.  One of them entered one of the cubicles and the other waited outside.

But because of what I said, she turned her face to the wall.

That’s not actually making things better, because just imagine walking into some dimly lit toilet, and the someone turns around and lo and behold, you see someone as gruesome as that.  In fact, another lady came into the toilet and I saw her jump when she saw that zombie woman there.

Well apparently, the two zombie women I encountered were working in the Tao restaurant, and when we walked past, all the workers were made up in a GHASTLY manner.  I have nothing against Halloween, but I do think the restaurant should have rethought its Halloween promotional do beforehand, given that it’s a family restaurant and all.

My kid is still telling me that the AUNTIES in the toilet looked SO SCARY. 

So there’s a thing called a Halloween celebration and also a SCARE-a-bration.  And there’s a mighty fine line between the two.

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One Response to Halloween Scare-a-bration done in bad taste

  1. Allan says:

    hahaha…perhaps they had forgotten they had all that scary masks and make-ups on….must have been a really scary moment indeed! hope Ethan has recovered from it already. 😀

    The Giddy Tigress says: That could be true, but still … having one of *THEM* serve food to you would certainly NOT make the food more palatable! Ethan just mentioned the scary makeup aunty this morning again 🙁

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