Sushi Too Little Too Late

I’m officially boycotting Sushi King.  Oh, not ALL the Sushi King outlets.  Just the one in Queensbay Mall.

I was there for lunch just a few days ago and I brought my son along with me.  The place was really packed, but thankfully we got a nice place by the kaiten belt.  It was 12:30p.m.

We ordered a kiddie set for my son and I ate some stuff from the kaiten belt.

At 1:00p.m., after a LONG wait of 30 minutes, my son’s meal had NOT arrived yet.  So I asked Waiter #1 to check if it was ready, since we had ordered it a while ago.

He went into the kitchen and came back to inform me that it would take another 2 minutes.  Not too bad, we thought.  So we kept on waiting.

A few minutes later, Waiter #2 brought us the meal.  Alas, our joy was diminished because we saw that the chawan mushi was missing.  Waiter #2 then told me that the chawan mushi was still being steamed and it would take a further 5 minutes, according to the chef.  I asked her to try to ask the chef to hurry, because my son loved the rice WITH the chawan mushi.

Anyway, we started eating the meal without the chawan mushi, although it did not taste good that way.

After 5 minutes, there was still no sign of chawan mushi being served.  I then motioned for the store manager to come and asked him to check with the kitchen when the chawan mushi would be ready.

He came back and told us that it would take another TEN MINUTES.  Well, that was when I totally lost it.  It was already 1:20p.m., and we had been in the restaurant for close to an hour.  My son was starving and the store manager tells me it would NOW take another TEN MINUTES?

I told him it was totally unacceptable.  I explained to him that 5 minutes ago, his staff had just told me it would take another 5 minutes and now he tells me it would take a further 10 minutes??!!  Come on…I know how long it takes to steam chawan mushi.  You can’t lie to me…

In any case, after I had voiced my displeasure and my son had indicated in a LOUD voice that he was SO HUNGRY, the store manager didn’t even apologize.  But the chawan mushi came after about 3 minutes.  I checked to see that it was cooked before giving it to my son.

You know it’s ironic that they had this sign on the table, with a list of do’s and don’ts and precautions…


I just thought they ought to have included: CAUTION – Long wait ahead.  Order at your own risk!

We quickly finished our lunch and left the restaurant.  Well, even settling the bill was a chore.  We, as well as a few other patrons, were made to wait for the cashier to arrive…seriously!!

Never again are we returning to the Sushi King at Queensbay Mall.

It was a completely different experience though the next day when we dined at Sakae Sushi Queensbay Mall.  The place was jampacked, and as I braced myself for a long wait, our food arrived within 5 minutes of ordering.  It was piping hot and tasted absolutely delicious.  Totally impressive!

Now THAT’s what I call service and that certainly warrants a return visit! 🙂

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6 Responses to Sushi Too Little Too Late

  1. michelle says:

    Yeap, the service there is getting worse but my kids still like to go there. Sakae always have a long q outside, need to go early.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Ethan won’t even go to Sushi King at Queensbay now, I guess he values customer service as much as his Mommy! 🙂

  2. soo sean says:

    I have stopped visiting Sushi King after I accidentally bumped into their RM2 plate promotion once. We had waited for half an hour and there was only the same few not-so-appetizing plates on the kaiten belt.

    The Giddy Tigress says: My last RM2 plate promotion at Sushi King was an enjoyable one. There were still many varieties on the belt. Maybe it’s because I was at the RIGHT outlet …not this Queensbay Mall one! 😛

  3. Allan says:

    this kind of service, and they could still pack the place? Unbelievable…

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yes, and I hope the rest of the patrons learn their lesson too.

  4. simon says:

    i was going to write and recommend sakai sushi until i reached the end of the article 🙂 i went used to go to sushi king a few times many yrs ago bcoz i liked their udon mee, but ever since i went to sakae and tasted the difference in their sushi i nvr went back.

    The Giddy Tigress says: I’ve actually not stepped into Sushi King for years before this year! We’re only now going to Sushi King more often because my son likes the food there. But now he doesn’t even like the Queensbay Mall outlet anymore…children are so smart! We only go to another branch where we can get FAST Japanese food at a FAST food outlet.

  5. rachel says:

    Ever since I found a new dining place- Sakae Sushi, I never been back to Sushi King. Sakae Sushi is way better in many ways. food fresher, more varietry, higher quality standards, etc..

    Btw, every Sunday (first Sunday of the month), kids eat for free. So next Sunday..patron Sakae Sushi.

  6. Adino says:

    I can identify with your story.. it happened to me before too (though I didn’t have to wait for 15 minutes).

    I only visit Sushi king for some light snacks from the kaiten belt. I prefer to have ‘full’ meals at proper Japanese restaurants.

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