Out with the Old, In with the New

It’s been a week since we said hello to another new decade.  So how did your New Year go?

Instead of ringing in the New Year with bubblies and fireworks, I did something equally symbolic…packed a whole BOX of my old clothes to give away.  It cleared up the space that big box took and it also cleared up some wardrobe space for me.  


It felt really good doing something which I had procrastinated for goodness-knows-how-long.  And since for goodness-knows-how-long I didn’t even see the need to wear any of those clothes which I put away, I definitely will not be needing them.  In fact, I’m even in the mood for Round 2 of wardrobe-cleaning now. 🙂

Hubby and I had a quiet New Year eve evening together after the kids fell asleep.  We got to watch a really enjoyable movie at home: Mamma Mia!  It was a pity we didn’t watch it sooner, because it was such a fun-loving movie! 🙂

Thank you 2010!  And here’s to an awesome 2011 ahead!  Wheeee!!!!!

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