Love and Loot from the US of A

January is officially MY busiest time of the year!  Hubster got back from a business trip in the States almost two weeks ago, and here I am, posting an update only now.  A slacker, that’s what I am.

He was only away for a week, but still…the kids and I miss him a lot.  Of course, time passed quite fast, what with my parents around to keep the kids occupied 🙂

This time round, hubster went to the East Coast…yep, it’s still winter there in Massachusetts…check out the blanket of snow!




I would have LOVED being there.  Not that I’m a snow freak or anything like that, but I’d take cold weather as opposed to hot, anytime.  Minus the blizzard, of course.  Hubby told me there was a blizzard on one of the days he was there, so he was stuck in the hotel the whole day long.

But despite the fact that he was so busy the entire short trip, and it was freakin’ cold the entire time, hubster still managed to check off *most* of the items on the shopping list I so painstakingly compiled for him.  I added a small note version too, so he could easily put it in his wallet.  Ain’t I thoughtful? 🙂


I had only wanted the Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy cream in the medium tube, but hubby bought the pump jar instead.  It was a good thing too, because it only cost USD15!  I was over the moon!  Did you know the same jar retails for RM145 here?!  ooo…errr…but hubby *complained* the Estee Lauder set I requested was too expensive… 😛


Games and goodies for the kids…they haven’t tired of them yet till today! 🙂


New shoes for the kids…Hannah’s shoes were only about USD7.90 per pair!  Seriously, kids’ shoes are WAY overpriced here in Malaysia!  Too bad he could not find that pair of FitFlops for me too, though… 😛


…and new clothes for everyone! Wheeeee!!!!

I also receive a little surprise…


Well, not exactly *little*, because the tote is quite large…good enough for me to dump all my stuff inside… Hee!!!  The design is from an older Coach line, the Gallery collection….back when Coach produced chic and classic styles, pre-Poppy-ish designs…. 🙂


I wonder if I maintain my *good behavior*…will I be surprised with a Birkin or a Kelly?  After all, there’s no such thing as *too many bags*, right?  A girl can only hope… 🙂

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  1. beetrice says:

    that’s a pretty nice surprise hey! must get tips from you on how to compile a…..COMPELLING… list. 😉

    The Giddy Tigress says: Haha…yeah! It would have been longer and more *ahem* comprehensive if I had more time on my hands! hehe…

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