The Art of People Searching

Remember those days when we had to leave through heavy thick directories just to get that one phone number we were looking for?  I remember I had to find out my friend’s father’s name first before I could find her home phone number.  And if the home number was listed under my friend’s mom’s name, I’ll have another problem altogether.  Those were the days of squinting at small fonts in the phonebook and potentially getting a wrong number.

But now, with the advancement of technology, I can simply search for a phone number, email, address…anything…simply with a click of the mouse.  It’s so easy to find someone online with all the ready tools available…so incredibly easy, it’s sometimes rather scary, I would say.

And it’s not only the simple task of looking for someone’s number now, really.  I remember sometime back, I looked up my friend’s details because I was worried sick that I had not heard from her, and she had not replied my emails nor returned my calls.  Turned out she was ok, thank goodness.

For parents who send their kids to caregivers, using peoplesearch to perform a background check on the respective caregivers is a right that should not be dismissed.  Peace of mind is always better than paranoia.

Now…if only they’d implement this peoplesearch tool worldwide too!

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