Bringing Sexy Back? Not exactly…


All you people take note!  There will soon be a group of girls parading in a very HOT contest to be held in one of the most popular shopping malls in Penang.  These girls would all be vying to win the title of the Sexiest and Hottest of the lot.  Heaven knows to what extent they will all go to to be crowned the sexiest one of all (apparently attire and makeup are up to the contestants)!  Girls dressed to kill in high heels and clothes which leave nothing to the imagination, swishing their luxurious locks of hair in front of judges…it’s gonna be a sight to behold for sure!

But beware…there could be potential rapists lurking around too.  Remember?  Apparently some “primitive” folk feel that men who cannot withhold their testosterony urges when they see a woman dressing sexily and will then be tempted to act on those urges because those girls are supposedly “asking for it”…  Heh.

Needless to say, the very obvious dress code for this contest would be to dress up alluringly (short skirt, cleavage-revealing, figure hugging clothes), it would be interesting if some contestants actually choose to be understatedly sexy.  You know, women can be sexy even in regular office attire 🙂  But how many would choose this route?  I dare say…NONE.

Also, has it occurred to you that the level of a woman’s sexiness can be gauged by how she speaks, not just how she dresses and walks?

Don’t think this contest is about all that though.

Why a contest like this had been approved in the first place is beyond me.  The shopping mall that is running this contest must have been really desperate to attract attention, and as we all know, sex does sell.  Apparently, this is not the first time this contest is being run either.  It’s also a gender-biased contest, in my opinion.  The rules and regulations state that only FEMALE contestants are allowed.  But guys CAN be sexy too, right?  Why can’t the contest include guys so it’s an even OBJECTIFYING field, where guys can ogle at sexy girls and girls can ogle at sexy guys?

Why not?

…or maybe for a shot at the grand prize of RM1500, the contestants are willing to be sexually objectified.

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