Food Waste Friday: 5 Jars and a Bar

Today (and hopefully every Friday), I’m joining The Frugal Girl and other bloggers out there in posting my food waste photos within the past week, calling it Food Waste Friday.  It is hoped that by sharing pictures of the food I have wasted, it would motivate me to reduce wastage as much as possible.  I will try my very best to participate each week, and hopefully there will be weeks where I will be able to happily report that there was 0% wastage! 🙂


Uggh…I’m so ashamed of what I’ve thrown away from my fridge this week.  Hidden way behind my fridge in the top shelf, I found 4 jars of baby food (unopened and expired), half a jar of sandwich spread and (horrors!!) one whole bar of chocolate (unopened and expired).

On hindsight, I didn’t actually *buy* the baby food.  It was given to us in the airplane when we came back from our US relocation trip.  My kids refuse to eat commercialized baby food like those, and I’ve given up trying to feed it to them.  I actually forgot all about those jars.  But now they’re no good anyway…darn.  I did find one jar that had not gone past expiry yet, so I might use that in my cooking one of these days 🙂

The sandwich spread…oh, I think I bought that sometime last Christmas to make sandwiches with the turkey breast leftover I had.

And the chocolate?  Sad to see it go but we’re not really ALL that into chocolate anyway.  We should have given that away to someone earlier on, instead of having it hidden way behind the fridge.

A really bad week in terms of food waste.  Boo.

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3 Responses to Food Waste Friday: 5 Jars and a Bar

  1. soo sean says:

    i am so ashamed too, on and off I need to clear the expired food out from my frig. I am trying to reduce the waste, but still working hard on it. Now, I will either think twice before i buy or giving away once I know that I am not going to finish it.

    The Giddy Tigress says: That’s why this weekly Food Waste Friday exercise will help to cut the waste, I hope!

  2. Adelle says:

    Time to rummage through my fridge… ;=}x…

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yes dear 🙂

  3. littlelamb says:

    Maybe u need to open ur fridge more frequent to know what’s inside?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Oh I do open my fridge many many times every day, but somehow, I failed to notice those unopened jars. It’s one of my procrastinating habits, I tell you.

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