Another One about The Brazilian

not pictured on this menu: Brazilian waxes, $45

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There are three factors which determine a successful and fulfilling Brazilian Wax, for me, at least.

  • First, it has to be PAIN-FREE.  Or if that is unattainable, the pain has to be minimal or negligible.
  • Secondly, the entire process should be over and done with in as little time as possible.  Let’s face it, nobody likes to lie down that way for such a long time
  • Lastly, the Brazilian Wax has got to be thorough.  No stray hairs and unwanted wax sticking around.

Just last week, I utilized my recently-purchased Groupon for a Brazilian Wax at a center called Cellnex here in Penang.  It’s a big red-painted building just opposite the Parkson entrance at Gurney Plaza, on Kelawai Rd.

Perhaps it was the lure that the session was just about a third of the price I’d normally pay for my usual Brazilian, but I had high hopes it was going to be a good one (plus I got to save some money).

Alas, it was not to be. 🙁  In the first place, I was asked to wait for a good 15 minutes or so because apparently the wax had not heated up enough yet.  To me, if the appointment is at 10:30a.m. they should have made sure everything was good to go at 10:30a.m. sharp.  To make matters worse, the room was very “clinical” looking.  No sign of aromatherapy oils or soothing music.

Tension was in the air.  Not good, I thought…


Well, I knew they were using hard wax, but I had no idea that there were no waxing strips used.  The wax was just pulled off the skin and … OUCH!!!!   I had never known hurt so bad in my life, believe me.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she had to use the tweezers too, because the wax was not very effective in doing its job.  That was the LONGEST Brazilian I had ever had.  I kept wondering when it would be over, because it just kept dragging on and on.  I tried to keep my mind away from the pain but I just couldn’t relax enough to do so.  Yeah, did I mention no music?  Just the sound of wax ripping the layer of my skin off.  Okay, it really sounded like that.

I even found out that this center does “double-dipping” – truly a No-No for Brazilian waxes.  I suspected this when I saw her using the same stick over and over again, so I asked.

Me: So..for your hard wax…if there are no more customers after this, it will just cool down, right?
Therapist: Yes.
Me: And what do you do when another customer needs to use it?
Therapist: Oh we just heat it up again LOR. (she answered this matter-of-factly)


When all was said and done, and I was getting dressed, I noticed, to my ickiness, that the entire floor was covered in pieces of HAIR!  So unsightly!

The last straw was when I discovered the Brazilian wasn’t even thorough!  But if you thought I was gonna ask them to rectify that…no thank you…I’m just not going back there ever again!

Sigh…another case of penny wise pound foolish…? :(… or rather, PAINFUL-ish!!!

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3 Responses to Another One about The Brazilian

  1. PB says:

    You need to name and shame so people can avoid such an unsanitary place >.<

    The Giddy Tigress says: Post amended…thank you sifu 🙂

  2. littlelamb says:

    Thanks for this tip. All these while, I thought my beautician was doing a good job. ie: using a new wooden stick when I go wax. But she uses the same stick (dipping then wax, dip then wax) until the end of session. THe stick is then thrown away. Now the proper way is for every dip, it should be a new stick. Hmm, time for me to look for another centre. U know of any “NO DOUBLE DIPPING” in KL/PJ/SUBANG?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Not sure, but I can ask around…usually the “No double dipping” places would proudly claim as such.

  3. SuperMom says:

    You are so brave! All I can think of when I hear Brazilian wax are “vaginal infections”, “itch” and “pain”. Haha, V-I-P!

    Sorry…after getting a nail fungal infection from some nail salon in Penang, which took a year to get rid off, I stay off such places.

    Gosh, that place REALLY looks like a torture chamber!

    The Giddy Tigress says: How did you get the nail fungal infection? Sounds horrendous!!

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