So…Saint George and Princess Sabra: They Go Together eh?

Oh yeah baby…I received a small parcel from the UK yesterday and I knew what it was right away: My nail lacquers from a-england!

I don’t think I have ever used Green nail lacquer on my nails before, let alone own such a shade, but Saint George was too gorgeous to overlook.  I can’t take my eyes away from the holographic colors and what I like most is that it dries super-quick!  It’s not exactly green though, it’s like a bluish-teal shade which is so unique!!


As others would have already said, this range of nail lacquers from a-england is one of the best ever.  Smooth as butter and completely idiot-proof…even a lousy manicurist like me can use it.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always having problems painting my right fingernails, simply because I’m a rightie.  I only used ONE layer and it was rich enough for me.


Now I wasn’t gonna paint my toenails the same color, was I?  I decided to go with Princess Sabra, an olive shade of gold.  It’s very understated and elegant at the same time.  And I love how it complements my FitFlops too!


Plus, I can’t get over how these two gorgeous shades go with each other!  I’m gonna switch them around in a few days…


Vampy enough? 🙂

Now how am I gonna stop myself from getting the entire collection?


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