My Wash Room Came in The Mail!


No, I’m not kidding…

Yesterday, the courier man brought me a package and it was something I had been looking forward to receiving for the past couple of days.  I was first *introduced* to the Wash Room from when I saw it on My Women Stuff and it was truly love at first sight; and what bliss, there was a giveaway for it too, so I put in my entry…and lo and behold, I was selected as the winner!  Yipppeeee!!! 🙂

It’s the perfect traveling companion for anyone.  Well, actually it appeals to ladies only because of the flower motif on the front, but really, guys, if you can see past that…this is a really cool bag to lug around.


Like its namesake, the Wash Room can very well tote your entire wash room in it.  It’s immensely spacious, and I am so looking forward to using this because every time I travel I’ll need an extra bag to carry all my toiletries and *girly* stuff in.  This would be so much classier to tote around!  I bet my hubby would be glad that all my travel toiletries actually fit into one nice bag now!

It has a hidden hanger contraption at the back, which you can extend to hang it on railings, if you like.  This would be especially useful in hotel rooms or in places where you don’t want your bag to be placed on a wet counter.  Trying out the hanger on my towel rack:


This is the first Deuter product I own and I am truly impressed by the impeccable quality.  Very sturdy and well made!

As far as space is concerned, I’m really surprised by how many things this baby can hold.  I *tested* it with some of my stuff, and there was still space for more things after I was done.  See how the makeup brushes are held in place using the elastic organizer strip with loops?  Awesomeness!


err…. please excuse the untidiness of my dresser, which seriously needs some spring cleaning…

And oh by the way, I ended up testing it with full-size products, not travel-size…and I haven’t even utilized the mesh and zippered pockets at the side!  There’s also ample space for my toothbrush to stand upright!

Well, I have only tested this with my toiletries and granted, that was what the Wash Room was intended for in the first place, but you know what, I can think of a few other useful ways this Wash Room can be used as well:

  • Baby/Diaper Bag: I can imagine this would be excellent as a bag to store at least 2-3 cloth diapers for a day out with baby, some wet wipes, a change of clothes (all folded of course), a wet/dry bag to put the dirty diapers or clothes and maybe even a drink bottle.
  • Breast Pump Bag: With the elastic organizer strip, this would be ideal to store your breast pump and several milk bottles too.  The mesh pockets can be used to put ice packs to keep the expressed breast milk cool during transportation.  Not sure about this bag being water proof though, but it should work as a simple storage bag.
  • Gym Bag: This would fit your face towel, gloves and water tumbler easily.

I bet you can think of other ways to use this bag as it’s so versatile!  And I bet every one (men/women) would want one too!  I hear it’s Secretary’s Week or something now, and with Mothers’ Day around the corner, this would be a perfect pressie for that organized woman in your life!

My hubby and kids would have to think of something else though. LOL

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