Could Beauty Clinic’s Sensitive Sun Cream be the Sunscreen I have been looking for?

For the past few months, especially after my love-hate episode with one of my (ex)favorite sunscreens, I have been extra careful about what I put on my skin.  I know that I am allergic to homosalate, and with the recent findings from my skin allergy patch test, I now have to avoid lotions and cosmetics with isothiazolin too.


Round about this time, I stumbled on a new product launched by the Korean manufacturer Beauty Clinic: the Sensitive Sun Cream.  Well, the actual product name for the sunscreen is Beauty Plan Mediheal Sensitive Sun Cream, and it contains cactus extract to calm and soothe irritated and sensitive skin, even for kids.  I had tried their Tea Tree Oil Mask and the Collagen Mask, and I was happy with the results.  One thing that was keeping me away from trying the Sensitive Sun Cream though was that the ingredients were not noted on the website itself.

However, the good people at Hansaegee Nature, the distributor of Beauty Clinic’s line of products, assured me that the Sensitive Sun Cream did not contain homosalate.  So I decided to give it a test drive.

Did I like it?


Well, for starters, I love the packaging of this sunscreen!  It’s a 60ml tube and fits exactly into my hands.  I love products with silvery/chrome covers/lids like this one, and it’s the twist-lock type of cap too!  With an SPF 50+/PA+++, it’s definitely sufficient to protect the face against the harsh rays of the sun.

This Sensitive Sun Cream actually doubles up as a makeup base too, and you will see that it is slightly tinted.


The consistency is thick, but easily spreadable.  It sort of melts into the skin when I apply it, and is perfect as a makeup base.  Upon initial application, it felt slightly oily, and I was afraid it was going to feel sticky and oily after that, but thankfully it left my skin smooth and hydrated after 1-2 minutes.  My face did not look shiny with oil but instead moisturized and ready for makeup.

It’s not entirely scent-free though, as I detected a faint scent, something like green tea essential oil.  I’m not sure if that was included because it does not say so on the packaging.  Only “Fragrance” was indicated, and it was not stated what fragrance it was.   Nevertheless, the scent did not bother me and it disappears a few minutes after application.  One thing’s for sure though: there were no chemical odour present that some sunscreens have, and that’s a plus point for me!


I did not try it out while swimming but I did put it on my face before I went to the gym.  Given that this sun cream is tinted, it DOES NOT streak when I wipe the sweat from my face after my workout, which actually says that it’s sweatproof, and perhaps waterproof too.

And oh yeah…it definitely did not result in a whitish cast on my face after application, like some sunblocks with zinc oxide can.  This could be due to the fact that it’s tinted and not white in color.  I was also thankful I did not break out in rashes after a week’s usage of this product, which shows that I’m not allergic to it.  Yay!

In a nutshell, this might very well be the sunblock lotion I have been searching for.  Priced at RM81.50 for a 60ml tube, the Beauty Plan Mediheal Sensitive Sun Cream is definitely affordable.  If you factor in the additional use as a makeup base, you’d have save an extra buck or two for your makeup base too!

So yes, I will probably list this as one of the prime candidates for the face sunblock I have been looking for, since my skin definitely agrees with it.  However, one thing to note is that this cream contains Methylparaben and Propylparaben, which might be a concern for some, me included, even though I am not allergic to paraben.  That’s a major deciding factor I will need to consider before settling for this product.

That being said, this sun cream does its job beautifully.  It hydrates and protects without the oily, icky feeling.  And you could not ask for more.

Beauty Plan Mediheal Sensitive Sun Cream is available online from Hansaegee Nature.  For the month of May 2012 only, it is being sold at a promotional launch price of RM76.00 (original retail price RM81.50)

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