Isn’t my FabulousiTEE Fabulous?

Oh yeah baby.

I recently won a contest…well, I wasn’t the main contest winner, but it was the consolation prize.  That’s also something, right?

So this is what I won: one of these unique, in-your-face tank tops, known as the FabulousiTEE.

I received my parcel yesterday, and I was very excited to open it, because if you know these FabulousiTEEs, they come in a lot of different designs.  Since I was not asked to choose which design I wanted, it was going to be surprise, and we ALL know how much I thrive on surprises…

Can you read what it says?

Errr….might need to cover it up soon to prevent my kids asking questions about what that B word means…hehe…

I did wear it to the gym today, and my kids didn’t ask me though, apart from the fact that Ethan noticed the new tee 🙂

I chose to layer it over a sports-bra top, because the neckline is actually quite low and open.  You could probably pull this over a bikini top or tankini at the beach and look fabulous too.

Here are some of the other designs available…I do like the Drama Queen and Vogue Fashion Love versions.

Photo Credits

So … what do you think?  Like it?  Hate it?

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