Ipoh for the Weekend

We made a trip to Ipoh last weekend, because it had been a long while since the kids had visited their grandparents, and coincidentally my parents were in Penang a few days before, so I figured it would be a opportune time to give them a ride home.

I packed very lightly for this 2-day trip, so I only relied on my iPhone for pictures.  Surprisingly though, the one picture which I had posted on Instagram and then fed through Facebook and Twitter, which invited the most comments was that of the refreshingly delicious dessert I had been craving for for a long long while:

Meet the humble yet temptingly refreshing Wan Tau Long:

Apparently this dessert is only available in Ipoh.  I did not even know that until recently.

It’s such a simple dessert that it boggles me as to how delicious it is…it’s just plain shaved ice with jelly on top, some syrup and some like it with a squeeze of lime juice.  For me, it ranks right on top with the ice kacangs, “tab tim krobs” and (for some) cendols.

Have you tried this?  If you haven’t, remember to try it next time you’re in Ipoh 🙂 – this coming from an Ipoh lass right here 🙂  I’ve enjoyed it when I was a young girl growing up in Ipoh, and I am still enjoying it now… mmmmm 🙂

My food-conquering tasks in Ipoh were made complete with these two favorites of mine, which I always try NOT to miss whenever I’m back home:

Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun from Sentral Coffee Shop in Jalan Raja Ekram.  Give me this “tongku-chup” version anytime instead of the Penang version with prawn paste.  Got me a big plate of this one this time 🙂

To most people, this would look like any normal plate of wan ton mee, but this plate is from the “tok-tok mee” seller that sells his wan ton mee direct to your homes!  Sure gives “free home delivery” a whole new meaning!  What’s more, he’s generous with his wantons and the taste is impeccable.

Is your tummy growling yet? 😀

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2 Responses to Ipoh for the Weekend

  1. I got a chance eating wan tau long in Penang, which they call it aiyu-ping. I always wanted to try the Ipoh mushroom ccf, one day should…

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hmmm…that’s strange. I have tried “aiyu-ping” in Ipoh before years ago, and it’s nothing like “wan tau long”. Would you mind telling me where exactly in Penang?

  2. Quintin Tan says:

    Where did u find the Wan tau long… The stall next to the mamak mee goreng off Maxwell Road? I tried the Taiwanese Jelly(aiyu Jelly) in Bangsar pasar malam… Not the same lovely texture of wan tau long:-)

    The Giddy Tigress says: The one I had in Ipoh is in Old Town but you can find it at any hawker center that sells ice kacang usually.

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