Our New (Temporary) Home

I’m not talking about here in Massachusetts in general, but literally “here”, as in where we are staying right now.  It has been almost a week since we’ve arrived in the East Coast of the USA, and also almost a week since we stayed in this hotel.  Yup, we don’t have a fixed residence as yet, because our apartment will only be ready for us sometime in mid-December.  That’s like another three weeks in this hotel.

Thankfully, though, things aren’t as bad as they sound.  Pete managed to book us into a 2-bedroom suite, which is a welcome blessing, what with two active toddlers around.  Each room has a queen-sized bed with its own television and bathroom, complete with sink and bath tub too!

Our suite also includes a fully-equipped kitchen (well, except baking equipment that is), so I can cook too, provided I have all the groceries available.  Oh yes, we also have a refrigerator to use.

The living room area is pretty cozy as well, and one of the coolest features is that the room includes an electric fireplace! 😀

Actually I can’t complain much, because it is indeed very comfortable here.  At least, I don’t need to do any cleaning (except for dishes) for a while.  Also, the complimentary daily breakfast spread is quite yummy and nutritious, and the hotel also provides dinner Mondays through Thursdays, if you so desire.

So, not a bad deal provided we can find things to occupy ourselves with!

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  1. Argentinadog says:

    Gasp! Free LEGO too? (in second last pic! ) 😛

    The Giddy Tigress says: Oh no, those were some Lego bricks we forgot to ship, so we just checked them into our luggage to bring along! 😀

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